Sunday, December 4, 2011

christmas time!

mary being very proud of her work!  
 mary loved decorating the tree this year.  unfortunately luke was really tired from his long day (we bought and decorated the tree after his birthday celebration) so he went to bed... and oddly enough, has hardly noticed the tree.  i thought it was going to be terrible because we have a ton of red and silver balls on the tree and he LOVES all things round... but he hasn't touched it.  anyways, mary loved it and has touched the tree.  in fact, today she hung a plastic bag on a branch because she so badly wanted to keep hanging ornaments.  it was a really fun night for us because she was so into it.  she put her hand up to stop me and say, "mommy, not help me.  i do it all by myself."  and she did hang most of the ornaments. she did great!  leslie was also here to share in the christmas joy with us.  we're thankful to have leslie around... she is such a special person for us and especially to our kids.  and, she made some amazing home made hot chocolate to add to the christmas experience!  yummy!

the tree seems so small to because i'm used to my parent's huge tree, but i think it's perfect for our little family.  and if we bought a bigger one we couldn't have afforded to buy more ornaments (christmas decorations aren't in high demand here so they aren't so cheap).  :)  we're really thankful to have a tree... even though it's hot and very little else in the city reminds us of christmas, it feels like christmas.  

last week danny preached at the english church service that we attend here... it has been such a good reminder for me this week.  he spoke about Immanuel. before Christmas, one Israelite got to go into the presence of God once a year to atone for the sins of the people.  when Jesus came at Christmas (on December 25th, of course :), he graciously brought his presence to us.  He came to restore His people back to His presence.  now we can have relationship with God and enjoy the presence of God through the Holy Spirit.  and one day, as it says in Revelation 21, God's dwelling place will be among us and we will dwell with Him in fullness.  thank you, Jesus.

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