Wednesday, December 14, 2011

side rolls.

first things first, do you see luke's side rolls?!?  so cute.  

sometimes luke is obsessed with me and just stands at my legs and yells until i pick him up... and carry him around all night.  so, i've started using the 'gendong' at home, like our babysitter does.  he likes it and i can get more done.  if you're wondering what that big light in the upper right hand corner of the picture is, that's our mirror and the flash shows you exactly how dirty it is.  luke likes to look in the mirror and put his sweaty little hands all over it.  and today we found mary rubbing a slice of cheese on the mirror.  not sure why she thought that was a good idea but that helps explain the gross mirror.  

more side rolls... 

the last few days ibu sri has come to babysit the kids her daughter has come along too.  she's in her last year of highschool but had less class because of finals.  mary loves when farah comes with ibu sri.  she's such a sweet girl and our kids love her.  

i think mary was telling her a story... a very serious one.

do you see what mary is wearing?  again, she picked out her own outfit....very usual.  a tanktop that she loves, a diaper with underwear over it  (after christmas we will again try to wear the underwear without the diaper underneath!) and luke's crocs.


Helen Hendro said...

:) just fyi
gendong is to carry the child around.
slandang is the word for the traditional sling :D
Very cute too!!

Helen Hendro said...

David has also just told me that this 'slandang' can also mean to 'sling a punch' is that even a phrase you use in America?