Friday, December 23, 2011

fun in batu

Auntie Kim is here!  mary and luke have been having a good ole time with their auntie.  on tuesday we went to a really cool zoo in batu, a city outside of malang... i was SO surprised at how nice and cool it was!  we were there for four hours and didn't even see all of the animals.  we're definitely going back!  and, of course, i took like five pictures because luke wanted to be held the whole time so he could see the animals too.  :)

mary checking out the turtles

this was one of my favorites, a white peacock.

the next day we went to this batu's town center.  they had a great playground, but unfortunately we didn't know that the local kindergarten was meeting there (with their parents) to pass out report cards... random.  so, it was really crowded!  this playground was the closest thing to the usual american playground, so i was really excited about it.  here's mary climbing the wall and all of the older kids waiting on her... :)

and they're still waiting... 

luke got some love from auntie kim too.  

luckily, those aren't auntie kim's legs  :)

one funny story from the night away... we were at the hotel's restaurant for dinner and there was a singer and a guy on the keyboard.  mary of course wanted to go dance in front of the singer so i took her up there and she danced away.  then the singer offered her a microphone and they sang twinkle, twinkle little star together.  it was so cute!  though it she was a little quiet, i was proud of mary for singing.  and she made the singer very happy!   

and one last cultural note.... THINGS YOU DON'T SEE IN AMERICA!

this was the sign in the stall of the bathroom at the zoo.  i died laughing.  traditionally people use a 'squatty potty' here but in most nicer public places there are toilets.  but sometimes people prefer their regular 'form' of going so they take their shoes off (yes, sometimes you can see empty shoes in bathroom stalls), stand on the toilet and sqaut.  apparently it isn't allowed at the zoo.  :)


Helen Hendro said...

Which hotel did you stay at in Batu? There are some really beautiful ones up there. We once stayed at one of the villas at Klub Bunga, which was really nice, and it was also right next to the theme park!

karen said...

The white peacock is cool...but what about that blue giraffe?