Friday, December 2, 2011

Happy Birthday Bubbalu

our little boy is ONE!  

 yesterday we had a fun day of celebrating our little lukey and being together as a family.  it was great!  danny and i took the day off of language school so that we could go to the animal market and out to lunch.  our babysitter and helper (who i will talk about later) came along because they are such a big part of luke's life thus far.  he loves them both so we wanted them to celebrate with us.  

everytime luke looked at an animal he started grunting and 'talking' to it.  i couldn't get many good pictures of his excitement, but he loved it!  it was fun to see him excited.  and, of course, mary loved it too!  

then we went out to this little outdoor restaurant that has a little green patch of grass that the kids could play in before we ate.  it was a great place for our family because the kids didn't have to sit down and wait for their food.  

luke proudly walking in the grass!

luke loved the candle too!  he tried to blow when i did and it was really cute.  he didn't really care about the cupcake though.  we tried to get him to eat it but it was a long day for him and i think he was about done.  he had a few bites but don't have the normal 'baby covered in cake' picture.  :)

we had the english and the indonesian happy birthday song this year!  

and here is luke's gift... that he doesn't care about at all.  he did love the ballons that we gave him at home though!  

and lastly, my three favorite people... 

i'll write more about luke later... just wanted to document our fun day to celebrate him.  

we love you, luke daniel pierce!  

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the Jennings secede from the South said...

I love his legs. Impressed with his walking! Elliot won't walk yet...just one night about a month ago, weird.