Monday, December 5, 2011

i love it!

to continue my series on reasons i love indonesia... 

today i'm thankful for the flower market.  we went there for the first time on luke's birthday and it was so nice!  the flowers and plants were abundant and beautiful.  we went on a weekday during the day so it was so quiet and peaceful.  i hope to go more often.  i feel like it's a good place to practice talking to people because no one seemed to be in a rush... and it was peaceful so maybe it will ease my nerves a bit and i won't sweat so much when i try to speak in indonesian.  :)

we also bought one little bunch of flowers and i love them!  they're called 'sedap malam' and they smell so good in the evening (malam).  and, they were less than a dollar!  they're in our bedroom now and i'd like that to be a regular occurrence.  :)  


Helen Hendro said...

Hey Lisa,

I try to go once a week, I always buy 2 pasang sedap malam dan 20 mewah. I love going there too.

the Jennings secede from the South said...

Cool find! Flowers for less than a dollar, props sister. I love the sweat comment...sounds like me and my face gets red.