Monday, December 12, 2011

i love it!

today i'm thankful for our neighbors: kasih (age 10), setia (age 8) and langgeng (age 6).  they live down the street from us and visited often for a month or two.  we didn't see them for quite a few weeks and then on luke's birthday they showed up with the sweet homemade card and a ball for luke.  i can't even remember telling them when his birthday was, but they remembered.  it was really sweet!  since then we've visited their house twice and they are just such an enjoyable family.  so inviting and so sweet to our kids.  we're thankful for friendly neighbors.  oh, and their mom is an english teacher so the oldest child can speak english... that's a plus for mary.  :)  unfortunately i can't find the one picture i have of them... but soon i'll post one.  

and i leave you with some fun pictures of my one year old... whom will be written about soon.  

sometimes when he's naughty he gets put in a laundry basket.  i wish.  

look at those chiclet teeth.  love them!  

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