Tuesday, December 27, 2011

they love each other.

mary and luke in their christmas pjs... 

a little explanation about their christmas pjs:  i had the pants made by a woman here... i gave her a pair of mary's pj pants and told her to make one that size and one a 2 inches shorter.  they're the most awkardly shaped pants (nothing like the originals) but i love them!  i put the little stars on the white shirts.  i keep telling indonesians that it's an american tradition for children to wear matching christmas pajamas.  danny corrects me and says it's only in my family.  i still hold my position.  it's my culture.  :)  

i love luke's teethy grin.  

she is so sweet to him.  sometimes she's not, but she usually is.  she's started comforting him a lot... 'it's okay bubs, mama will be right back.' or 'i'm sorry bubs, are you okay?' after he falls.  and he loves her.  she loves to make him laugh and he loves watching her be silly.  it's the sweetest thing to watch them enjoy one another.  

racing to mama, luke's walking in action.  his legs go just as much to the side as they do forward when he walks.  it's so cute.  



julia said...

Matching PJs are a tradition in my family too. Too bad you and Danny didn't have matching low-rise PJs as well.

Sarah said...

They're adorable and their jammies are adorable! Danny, you are overruled! :)

Janna said...

Precious pictures!! And I loved getting to see your family celebration of Christmas. :)