Friday, December 16, 2011

we have party every night?!?

earlier this week we had a little gathering at our house for the girls that leslie lives with.  leslie lives in a kos (hard to explain... kind of like a dorm, kind of like an apartment) with 9 other girls and we wanted to have a night to share a little bit of our culture with them during this Christmas season.  we hung out for awhile and mainly did this... 

that's right, just watch my kids play, sing and dance.  our kids did great with all of the new girls at our house.  then the food came and we had dinner.  after that, the real fun began and we decorated the Christmas cookies!  it was so fun!  

after the girls decorated a few cookies mary took over.  she sat on leslie's lap the whole time and leslie helped her...  she decorated a ton and ate way too much sugar!  she had a blast and especially loved the sprinkles!  we took her shirt off because of the food coloring... usually she wears clothes if there's a party at our house.  :)

the next night i was putting her to bed and she said, "mama, my friends come over more-gin (that means again)?!?  we have party every night!"  i think she loved it!  

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