Thursday, December 8, 2011

what, those don't look like cookies?

mary helped me make cookies last night... she loves to bake with me.  i now let her crack the eggs all by herself (into a different bowl so that i can remove any small shell that might find it's way in) and she loves it!  she saw me rolling the cookies and wanted to help... 

just your normal cookie, right?  i promise, they tasted better than they look (which doesn't say much seeing as though they look like... well, you know).  

she was proud of her little 'cookies' on her own cookie sheet.  

disclaimer... the first picture kind of makes me look like bad mom alert.  her elbow really wasn't that close to the candle... i promise.  she is really secure on the counter.  and, most importantly, the backsplash in our kitchen is white board so it's okay if i write the week's menu on it (and my little brother's phone number... i intend to call you soon, michael!).   :)  

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the Jennings secede from the South said...

Yeah right, Lisa! Why don't you just let her juggle knives and scorpions too! (kidding). the poop cookies are funny!