Friday, January 13, 2012

all about bubba: 1.1 years

luke's birthday has come and gone... and though i put up some pictures of him i really want to write about him too.  he is so funny right now, i want to remember the little things.  as i watch him i remember the things mary used to do that i had forgotten until luke started to.  

things we love about luke...

when he laughs really hard he throws his head back

he's still such a little chub 

his attitude; he's a full out lover (wants to cuddle, wants to be held, kisses us) and he's also very clear when he doesn't want something.  if we walk away from him, he looses it!  sometimes he even gets on all fours and slowly 'bangs' his head on the ground.  we always stop him, but we laugh too... it's as if his little life is over because i couldn't pick him up in the middle of kneeding pizza dough.  he's just so emotional.  

he's also emotional about being told no.  if he does something he's not supposed to we say NO sternly... and usually he looks at us, waits a second or two for effect and then starts screaming.  we have to cuddle him and reassure him that we love him, he just can't hit mary or throw his food.  he's just so tender.  

but, he's all boy too!  he LOVES to play with balls.  if he sees one far off he starts grunting and goes after it, even if it isn't ours.  he's also always sweating and always dirty... since birth.  :)

he loves to eat!  he loves avacado, bananas, noodles, mango, bread, oatmeal and he's pretty good about his veggies.  

he loves milk... when he finishs his cup of milk he lets us know... usually by throwing it.  we're working on the throwing thing.  :)

he plays happily in his crib after he wakes up for 30-60 minutes every day.  we bring him toys, he plays and then he lets us know when he wants out.  we're thankful for that time, especially because he's been an early riser most of his life.

he always waves hi and bye to people... which is a real hit here in indonesia! 

i love his big teeth too.  he has these huge front teeth that look a little bit like chiclets and are really far apart.  when he laughs really hard he shows them in all their glory.  hilarious.

things he's recently started doing....

he's started "talking" to us and it's the sweetest 'cu' i've ever heard... he points to something with a look of curiousity and looks at us as if he's telling us a story about it.  love.

he's started getting into things.  he walks around the house, picks something up, brings it into another room or hands it to someone, as if he was asked to go get the tupperware or danny's shirt.  it makes a mess of the house, but i love it!  he usually 'talks' about whatever he's carrying around too, which is maybe why i love it.  he puts the items he finds in and out of baskets or bowl or whatever he can find.  i vividly remember this about mary... i always let her play in our pantry because she loved it and it occupied her for hours.  luke doesn't have a pantry to play in but he still manages to find things all around the house.  

when asked to clap or when he hears music he claps both hands on his belly... not sure if that's because his belly is so big that it's difficult for him to get his hands together or what?!?  

he always wants to eat and if someone else is eating, he comes running. he always begs for mary's food.

he loves to dance!  if i ask him to dance or whenever he hears music, he does a little knee bob, sway and occasional head bob.  so cute.  

he loves his sister!  it is the sweetest thing.  i mean, they definitely have their moments of fighting over a ball when there is another ball that one of them could happily play with 2 feet away... but a lot of the time they are loving each other and laughing.  it's possibly my favorite sound right now... the sound of their laughter together.  mary knows she can make luke laugh and she loves it.  she does things like play with her food or yell at the table and when i ask her to stop her response is, 'but luke like it, mom!'  luke laughs and laughs at her.  he loves her, he watches her, laughs when she's being silly, looks for her when she's hiding, dances when she sings.  

uhh and how could you not love this!?!?  he had a little accident a few weeks ago (i assure you he was fine right after it happened though i was scared for a minute!).  we die laughing every time we look at it!!!  the face and chub are just too much.  

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the star is too much. hilarious.