Tuesday, January 31, 2012

the park, the usual.

we spend many afternoons at this little park, even though most of the equipment there is way too advanced for our children.  but it's somewhere to go and there is grass... we are thankful for it!

i always climb this little wall so mary wants to try too.  but, obviously, she's a bit young.

uhh, i love him.  he has been so funny and cute lately!  he just realized that he can try to be funny and we'll laugh at him so he's been doing small performances like his big sister.  so cute.

and, in an effort to not forget the little things... yesterday i got him up from a nap and changed his diaper.  as i opened the diaper there was a small puzzle piece right on top of his *uhh, you know*.  not sure how it got in there but we now have an incomplete puzzle at our house!  and just to let you in the real glamour of being a mom, as i went to throw the piece away he rolled over without a diaper and peed all over the floor.  

oh and now he drinks his cups out of the side of his mouth.  always. 

my little baller.

just enjoying life!

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karen said...

Danny is looking pretty skinny minnie in that picture!