Thursday, January 5, 2012

potty training III

"i can do it, mama!"

that's what mary says every time she goes pee pee on the potty.  she's surprised every time that she does it and then we have a very over exaggerated celebration (which included funk music and dancing today).  she also gets THREE CHA CHA's!!!  cha cha's are the indonesian version of m&m's.  it was a rough first few days (dealing with fear of the potty) but she had no accidents today (minus the grape size piece of poop that somehow landed on the floor)!  we're so proud of her and we tell her a lot.  so much so that yesterday she came right up to my face and said, 'mom, i so proud you.'  :)  thanks, mary.  

and here is her modeling picture... hilarious because it was totally natural.

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Travis and Joy Phillips said...

Mary! I'm so proud of you! And way to go, Lis. How I miss you guys. Thanks for keeping up with your blog!