Tuesday, February 28, 2012

wesley stars!

that's right.  we won the championship.  

for those of you who don't know anything about international schools here (which is most of you) this is THE tournament every year.  we came into the tournament seeded last and came back to win the whole thing.  the girls were amazing.  they played their hearts out and i'm so proud of them.  we had such a fun weekend!  i wish i had more pictures of the girls playing and of my kids being involved.  mary sat on the bench a few games and cheered the girls on.  she loved cheering and 'coaching' with me.  i coached one game with luke in the sling.  i was a little too busy coaching to use my camera.  :)  

and, yes, i do have a little black dress on.  we made a deal with the girls that if they made it to the finals we would wear our nicest black dresses to coach.  honestly, didn't think it would happen.  but, the girls were amazing and there i was coaching in a black dress in front of far too many people.  embarrassing.  

if you want the whole "facing the giants" story, check out coach faith's blog.  :)

and here are some pictures of my kids in between the games having fun with mimi and papa.  we're SO thankful to have them here.  it's been fun just to hang out and have them spend time with us and the kids.    luke is warming up to them more everyday and mary is on cloud nine that they're actually here!  it's fun.

not sure if you can tell, but mary has a cheerleading skirt on.  unfortunately i didn't get many pictures of it (again, i was coaching) but vikki made cheerleading skirts and pom poms for three of the little girls here to cheer on the teams.  it was so cute!  thanks, vikki!

Friday, February 24, 2012

mimi and papa are here!

mimi and papa are in indonesia!  i think mary was in shock when she saw them.  she just kept staring at them with her tongue out.  it was so cute.  she has been SO happy to see them, like she didn't miss a beat.  luke, well he's warming up to them.  he's quite the mama's boy but he's getting there.  i think by the end of the month they'll be best of buds.  :)  i'll post more pictures later, but just wanted to say they are here and we're all thankful!  

and here's my sweet baby boy sleeping.  i love sleeping babies.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

our exercising girl!

we've got a little exercise fanatic on our hands.  few weeks ago mary asked to do the "exercise wadi" and i didn't think anything of it. **wadi means video... a word from her toddler days that she hasn't changed yet**  i had no idea it would be her new obsession.  she literally wakes up in the morning asking to do it.  we tell her that she has to drink water and eat first.  if there were no restriction she would easily do it 5 times in a day, sometimes three times in a row.  the video is jillian michael's 30 Day Shred.  she's gotten quite good at it.  she can now do a full push up (not the girl ones), lunges, jumping jacks and is awesome at bicycle crunches.  

luke, well, he watches and holds the "weights" up like he's following along.  (weights = foam blocks) 


mary doing her punches and yelling "exhale, exhale, exhale!"

bicycle crunches

i know most of you haven't seen mary in awhile, but if you did see her on a day to day basis you would probably already know she's into exercising.  she does it all of the time!!!  last night we had a little pancake dinner at the international school here... i look over and mary is on the floor doing push ups in her dress.  a got a few comments, needless to say.  then today we were at church and during the singing time mary picks up her cup and a toy zebra and starts doing lungs and bicep curls.  hilarious.  she always says, "i so sweaty mom!"  she wants to be just like me, sweat and all.  :)  here's a little family work out night.  

oh, she's also loving basketball these days!  i help coach a high school team here (it's really fun and my kids love coming to the court) so she's around it a lot these days.  she's always "playing basketball" on our back porch, running back and forth pretending to dribble a ball, doing defensive slides and "shooting" a lay up.  and by shooting a lay up i mean she runs and hits the wall... but she puts the right knee up when she shoots, it's proper form. :) 

luke?!?  well, luke chases anything that resembles a ball!  like the time we were walking through the mall today and he went into a sports store by himself because he saw a basketball... and then tried to walk out and ran straight into the glass wall.  he was too focused on the ball.  he's all boy!

ps. yes, i realize that luke is almost never fully clothed.  it's hot here, people!  :)

Thursday, February 16, 2012

mary and mama

usually it's just pictures of the kids here, but i have a blogger friend, emily, (but i know her in real life too) who does a thing called "embrace the camera" to encourage the parents to get in the pictures with their kids... so that one day the kids will have pictures of their parents with them, not just their 532 random activities.  anyways, i embraced it today and had a lot of fun because mary actually took these.  i set up the timer, she got to press the button and we had a good ole time.  we probably took about 78 pictures.  she liked it a lot!  and that kind of explains why our head is cut off in them... it's art.  :)

Wednesday, February 15, 2012


this weekend we went to a friend's birthday party... unfortunately my camera battery died after about 4 minutes so i didn't get many photos.  but, i did snap some of luke with my phone.  he thought he was such a big boy painting.  mary was pretty excited too... she was showing me her paint.  :)

and to leave you with the words of my mary...

 she calls everything that is covered by her underwear "bummy".  it was bum and then she started adding an "e" to everything so now was have "bummy".  yesterday she was scrubbing her body in the bath tub and looked at me and said, "this my front bummy, this my back bummy" pointing the appropriate areas.  that's right, mary... we'll just call that your "front bummy" from here on out... let me know what your science teacher thinks of that in a decade.

and here is mary loving her wendys!  for those of you who knew me in boston, can you believe my child has an ice cream cone all to herself?!  we're crazy.  :)  she loves it and i'll tell you, the frosty's in indonesia are about 10 times better than the frosty's in america.  they are hands down my favorite dessert in indonesia!  i'm thankful for frosty's!

Saturday, February 11, 2012

home made flavored creamer!

my breakfast of champions

i don't usually talk about food but these two items may be of interest to some people.  for those of you living in america the coffee may not be that special, but if you live far from a land flowing with flavored creamer (like indonesia) this is for you!  i now make my own flavored creamer... and it's good (though after being away from the states for 6 months i think my taste buds have been compromised, so i'll confirm that when my mom brings a box of to-go vanilla coffee mate from america next week).  :)  one can of sweetened condensed milk, equal amount of normal milk and 1 T of vanilla extract... or whatever flavor you like.  beth, if you can find coconut extract this may just be your way to have coconut creamer all year round!

secondly, the brownie is from a blog that i read (but i actually do know the person in real life).  don't judge but they're made with black beans and no flour (i think for gluten free people but they taste delicious).  they're really dense and a little more like fudge than brownies.  yummy.  check out the recipe at jami's blog.  served cold with a hot cup of coffee right before my first run in two weeks... amazing.  :)  breakfast of champions.

and, here are my kids enjoying their swings in our back yard.  luke does have a diaper on... usually that all he has on though.  the poor guy sweats so much!  and mary has no shorts on, which is also very usual.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

photographed a wedding.

again, i am no wedding photographer, but my friend's sister got married in bali and they needed someone to take pictures.  since i have an interest in photography and wish i were a real photographer, i went along and got to take pictures.  :)  here are some of my favorite.  

so so so happy for melanie and brian!  they were such a fun and laid back couple.  their story is a picture of God's mercy and faithfulness.  it was a joy getting to know them and documenting their wedding.  right before the ceremony i was telling brian that he is a very calming presence (he's just a peaceful person) and he said, "what's there to worry about?  i'm about to marry the best thing that ever happened to me." i'm so happy for them and their family!  if you want to hear more about it and see more family pictures check out vikki's blog.  thanks for taking me along, vikki!  :)

Sunday, February 5, 2012


my kids are different than the usual kid here.  in many ways... most obviously their skin tone, but also the way they walk independently into places (kids are raised differently here so they're always surprised to see mary independently walking down the store aisles with me following behind her), how "fat" my kids are, how they can eat by themselves, etc.  

so, a few days ago we were at the grocery store as a family.  danny is checking out and i'm handling the kids running around at the front of the store.  we have an audience of about 12 people, running up and kissing them, giggling and running back to their friends, trying to squeeze their fat arms, etc.  my kids usually aren't phased by being watched at this point.  at one point, danny and i look over at mary... a new song had just started over the loud speaker and apparently mary noticed.  mary looks up, puts one hand on her heart and one hand up in the air, closes her eyes, switches to a very serious face and starts swaying.  can you picture it?  try, it's funny.  what was she doing?  oh, just pretending to worship to the latest indonesia pop song in the grocery store in front of her 12 viewers.  danny and i just looked at each other and started dying laughing.  that might be one more thing that makes her different than most kids here too.  :)  

oh and this incident was right after i had my first attempt at trying to get her to go on the squatty potty at the grocery store.  think gas station grossness times 10 with no tiolet but instead a wet floor and a ceramic hole.  needless it say, it was unsuccessful.  she kept asking, mommy, where's the potty?  it's right there, baby girl.  maybe she'll be ready in a few months.  

and, if you were wondering the pictures have nothing to do with the above stories.  just trying to record our daily life here.  :)  these pictures are from our play times with a spare mattress.  one night we made a fort and the kids loved it!  they thought it was so fun to be under there all together, but man it was hot!  and since we don't have a rug sometimes we use the extra foam mattress (that is actually borrowed from a friend) as a play place for them to run and fall and chase eachother.  the first time i did it, they played happily together for 45 minutes straight!  i highly recommend this idea for mom's of young kids that sometimes fight over toys.  :)

Thursday, February 2, 2012


a glimpse of some of the beautiful people we see everyday.  

the people here are so beautiful but they're always wanting to look different (just like americans).  they do things to make their skin lighter or talk about how they want smaller lips and smaller cheek bones or whatever they don't have.  i try to explain that people in america have proceedures to get more plump lips and more defined cheek bones... and that white people always want to be darker.  we always want what we don't have.  it reveals the sin in our hearts, the discontentment, the wanting.  it's not just with appearance, with anything.  sometimes i just want our house to have a rug and nightstands, or really want to hang out with old friends, or want time by myself, or want danny to do something for me, or want my kids to stop whining.  it wears me out.  i realized a few weeks ago that i was just worn out from wanting, from not being content.  

i'm thankful that we have the promise of God.  there is freedom from our sin today and one day there will be free from it for all eternity.  but for now, i continue to pray that God gives me eyes to see things with joy and thankfulness.  to appreciate what we have here in indonesia and the beautiful creation of God all around us.  to be content in all circumstances.