Sunday, February 5, 2012


my kids are different than the usual kid here.  in many ways... most obviously their skin tone, but also the way they walk independently into places (kids are raised differently here so they're always surprised to see mary independently walking down the store aisles with me following behind her), how "fat" my kids are, how they can eat by themselves, etc.  

so, a few days ago we were at the grocery store as a family.  danny is checking out and i'm handling the kids running around at the front of the store.  we have an audience of about 12 people, running up and kissing them, giggling and running back to their friends, trying to squeeze their fat arms, etc.  my kids usually aren't phased by being watched at this point.  at one point, danny and i look over at mary... a new song had just started over the loud speaker and apparently mary noticed.  mary looks up, puts one hand on her heart and one hand up in the air, closes her eyes, switches to a very serious face and starts swaying.  can you picture it?  try, it's funny.  what was she doing?  oh, just pretending to worship to the latest indonesia pop song in the grocery store in front of her 12 viewers.  danny and i just looked at each other and started dying laughing.  that might be one more thing that makes her different than most kids here too.  :)  

oh and this incident was right after i had my first attempt at trying to get her to go on the squatty potty at the grocery store.  think gas station grossness times 10 with no tiolet but instead a wet floor and a ceramic hole.  needless it say, it was unsuccessful.  she kept asking, mommy, where's the potty?  it's right there, baby girl.  maybe she'll be ready in a few months.  

and, if you were wondering the pictures have nothing to do with the above stories.  just trying to record our daily life here.  :)  these pictures are from our play times with a spare mattress.  one night we made a fort and the kids loved it!  they thought it was so fun to be under there all together, but man it was hot!  and since we don't have a rug sometimes we use the extra foam mattress (that is actually borrowed from a friend) as a play place for them to run and fall and chase eachother.  the first time i did it, they played happily together for 45 minutes straight!  i highly recommend this idea for mom's of young kids that sometimes fight over toys.  :)

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Ryan said...

you must be glad you are overseas to have missed the Super Bowl. Great pictures - our little ones are getting big too. Someday, hopefully they will meet your little ones