Saturday, February 11, 2012

home made flavored creamer!

my breakfast of champions

i don't usually talk about food but these two items may be of interest to some people.  for those of you living in america the coffee may not be that special, but if you live far from a land flowing with flavored creamer (like indonesia) this is for you!  i now make my own flavored creamer... and it's good (though after being away from the states for 6 months i think my taste buds have been compromised, so i'll confirm that when my mom brings a box of to-go vanilla coffee mate from america next week).  :)  one can of sweetened condensed milk, equal amount of normal milk and 1 T of vanilla extract... or whatever flavor you like.  beth, if you can find coconut extract this may just be your way to have coconut creamer all year round!

secondly, the brownie is from a blog that i read (but i actually do know the person in real life).  don't judge but they're made with black beans and no flour (i think for gluten free people but they taste delicious).  they're really dense and a little more like fudge than brownies.  yummy.  check out the recipe at jami's blog.  served cold with a hot cup of coffee right before my first run in two weeks... amazing.  :)  breakfast of champions.

and, here are my kids enjoying their swings in our back yard.  luke does have a diaper on... usually that all he has on though.  the poor guy sweats so much!  and mary has no shorts on, which is also very usual.

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