Friday, February 24, 2012

mimi and papa are here!

mimi and papa are in indonesia!  i think mary was in shock when she saw them.  she just kept staring at them with her tongue out.  it was so cute.  she has been SO happy to see them, like she didn't miss a beat.  luke, well he's warming up to them.  he's quite the mama's boy but he's getting there.  i think by the end of the month they'll be best of buds.  :)  i'll post more pictures later, but just wanted to say they are here and we're all thankful!  

and here's my sweet baby boy sleeping.  i love sleeping babies.


Joy Phillips said...

almost started crying looking at these pictures. so glad they're there! i want to talk soon! love you!

eml said...

I DID start crying :) So happy for you guys! love you

lisa said...

thanks, girls! it's really fun to have them here. we're so blessed!