Sunday, February 19, 2012

our exercising girl!

we've got a little exercise fanatic on our hands.  few weeks ago mary asked to do the "exercise wadi" and i didn't think anything of it. **wadi means video... a word from her toddler days that she hasn't changed yet**  i had no idea it would be her new obsession.  she literally wakes up in the morning asking to do it.  we tell her that she has to drink water and eat first.  if there were no restriction she would easily do it 5 times in a day, sometimes three times in a row.  the video is jillian michael's 30 Day Shred.  she's gotten quite good at it.  she can now do a full push up (not the girl ones), lunges, jumping jacks and is awesome at bicycle crunches.  

luke, well, he watches and holds the "weights" up like he's following along.  (weights = foam blocks) 


mary doing her punches and yelling "exhale, exhale, exhale!"

bicycle crunches

i know most of you haven't seen mary in awhile, but if you did see her on a day to day basis you would probably already know she's into exercising.  she does it all of the time!!!  last night we had a little pancake dinner at the international school here... i look over and mary is on the floor doing push ups in her dress.  a got a few comments, needless to say.  then today we were at church and during the singing time mary picks up her cup and a toy zebra and starts doing lungs and bicep curls.  hilarious.  she always says, "i so sweaty mom!"  she wants to be just like me, sweat and all.  :)  here's a little family work out night.  

oh, she's also loving basketball these days!  i help coach a high school team here (it's really fun and my kids love coming to the court) so she's around it a lot these days.  she's always "playing basketball" on our back porch, running back and forth pretending to dribble a ball, doing defensive slides and "shooting" a lay up.  and by shooting a lay up i mean she runs and hits the wall... but she puts the right knee up when she shoots, it's proper form. :) 

luke?!?  well, luke chases anything that resembles a ball!  like the time we were walking through the mall today and he went into a sports store by himself because he saw a basketball... and then tried to walk out and ran straight into the glass wall.  he was too focused on the ball.  he's all boy!

ps. yes, i realize that luke is almost never fully clothed.  it's hot here, people!  :)


Emily said...

LISA! You guys must be so entertained! I love Mary and Luke. I SO wish I could come visit you and squeeze her! She is hilarious! Post some videos sometime... Love you.

Lindsey said...

this cracks me up! im loving her on the floor doing bicycle crunches! so fun!