Thursday, March 29, 2012

luke: 16 months

luke. 16 months. i love him.

some of his new tricks:

he loves doing animals noises (on his current repertoire: dog, cat, elephant, gorilla, bees)

he says mama, dada, bubba and ball

he bows his head as he greets people around town (in our country people do a little head bow when greeting others, it has become usual for me and for luke. he just started it and it's hilarious to see him do it do random indonesia people as we walk by).

he tries to do exercises with mary, shoulder presses, jumping jacks, you know the usual 1 year old exercises.

he can kick a ball around the house for a long time! self entertainment.

he loves books!

he loves to 'honk' our noses.

and a few not so fun new tricks....

his little will is in full force. he starting hitting, sitting on the floor and pouting, and just showing his anger. sometimes i have to turn away because his dramatic display of dispair over not getting cornflakes that moment (or something like that) makes me laugh. he's just an emotional little guy.

he could define "pesty little brother." it's hilarious (sometimes). he and mary sit beside each other in the car and he can't keep his hands off of her... just always grabbing at her. he's always into her business. he's pesty and i'm pretty sure he knows it and tries to be.

he usually only wants me. think shower, cooking, exercising, bathroom, all the time! it's not that fun sometimes. but, God is actually using it to refine me (well, at least i hope in the end i have some victory and i can call it refinement)... i ask God to fill me with the Holy Spirit so that His fruit will be displayed in me to my children. patience, love, kindness, joy.

a few things we love about him right now...

his "uh oh" face, shown above. he rolls balls under the couch and then looks up at us like, 'how did that happen? oh no!' he has that face a lot and he has a cute little sound to go along with it.

he laughs really hard at and with mary still. they scream together and then die laughing at each other... though i don't love the screaming, i love seeing them have fun together.

his face. it's just so stinking cute sometimes. he's really expressive and says so much with his little faces.

he gets really excited when other people are excited... like if people clap in church he looks at me like, 'can you believe this is really happening?!?! i get to clap with all of these people!!!'

he loves to run to us. if we're on the ground he'll run back and forth, full speed falling into our bodies and hugging us. like, if we weren't there to catch him he would do a total face plant. he trusts us. :)

when he hears a song he looks at us and kind of bobs his head, telling us it's time to sing and dance along. he does the same thing when he gets to the page in his Red Sox book with the words to 'take me out to the ball game.' he will randomly hear a song in the mall and start dancing.

luke daniel pierce, i love you. i'm so thankful that God has given you to us to love, enjoy and ultimately to lead you in following Christ. i pray that your happy heart moments far exceed your pouts on the ground. :)

Sunday, March 25, 2012

the wound

 mary woke up right before i walked out the door to go running yesterday.  i told her i was going to go and she lost it... instantly started sobbing.  she wanted to come with me so i got her snack and water and off we went.  i always ran with my kids in america but here is different.  a. i've never seen one person with a jogging stroller here.  i mean, i've seen about 6 runners in my area in 8 months here.  so running with a kid really gets me extra unwanted attention.  b. i have to run uphill the entire time, until i turn around and run home downhill.  it's hard to run alone, let alone push a stroller.  and c. i don't have a real jogging stroller here and the roads are rough.  anyways, i sucked it up and took her.  she wanted to wear her "running outfit" and "tie shoes" too so she could run with me on our street.  i got her changed and came out of her room in her get-up and danny started dying laughing. i'm not sure why.  she looks like a runner to me.  

please forgive my appearance, this was after the difficult run.  while running (almost dying mind you) she asked me why i was making that funny noise.  oh, it was just me panting really loud.  then she asked for her water and her snack.  she was tired from the run too.  :)  

then after the run i took luke and mary on a little walk down the street... something we sometimes do multiple times a day.  well, mary fell over a speed bump and was wounded!  can't you tell?!?!  

this was about 9:30am.  she would not walk at all until about 6:30pm when our friends (and their kids) came over and were jumping on the bed.  she finally walked and said, "look mommy, i can walk!!!" as she was limping terribly.  it was so funny.  she wouldn't do anything all day, didn't even want to go swimming with bubba.  even tonight she said, "mom, you have to be hati-hati because of my boo-boo."  hati-hati means careful.  oh, and did i mention that she adds an "y" to the end of my words, like "beddy" "cuppy" and "booby".  yeah, so she was talking all about her "booby" all day.  

Saturday, March 24, 2012

adventures with mimi

my parents have left indonesia but here is a glimpse at one of our funnier moments.  my mom always cracks me up in culturally different situations... whether that's memories of hearing her scream through a cold "bucket bath" in south america, hearing her scream any time she has an ant on her or sees a cockroach (which is often) or this last week, riding on the motorcycle with her.  

it was raining but we wanted to get a massage before they left and they were leaving the next day.  you can get 90 minutes of reflexology for about $6 so if i have visitors we usually go.  :)  i mean, i have to be a good host, you know?  anyways, we head out and i'm thinking the umbrella is going to help, i mean, i've seen indonesians do it.  so off we go and i'm getting SOAKED.  like my entire outfit and i got splashed by passing cars.  i tell my mom so she decides that lowering the umbrella would be a good solution... lowering it so much that i couldn't see the road in front of me.  i was dying laughing.  she's all awkward on the back of the motorcycle, kind of scared, kind of grabbing me, trying to hold the umbrella while steering the bike by squeezing my body with her legs.  back seat drivers are much worse when driving a motorcycle.  we get to the place (which was like 4 minutes away) i'm soaked, she can't get her helmet off so i'm still laughing.  if you know my mom, you'd laugh too.  she's such a good sport here in different coutries!  she goes with the flow and is not afraid to venture out.  but sometimes she makes me laugh in the process.  

it was so fun having them here, we're so blessed to have such supportive parents (both sides) and grandparents who are so helpful and fun for our kids.  we look forward to them coming again!  

and for those who didn't see this on facebook... i present to you the chub. :)  luckily he's only one... if not he would have definitely been made fun of!  i will say, he didn't really walk around like this, papa was carrying him and put him down to see the cat... i just hadn't pulled his pants out of his rolls.  what, you don't have to do that too?

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

mary, my personal trainer

mary is still into exercising, like really into exercising!  she does it every day and sometimes convinces me to join her.  she has now moved to personal training also.  she knows the words that jillian michaels says and coaches me on going all the way down or not putting my toe over my knee when i do lunges.  she also says things like "gorgeous!" or "hit the floor!"  i'll spare you from some of the exercises (mainly for my own sake) but here she is in action.  :)  this is one of the mornings i was not planning on working out until my trainer woke up early and made me.  

oh, and notice a. her outfit.  she picked it out by herself (obviously).  and b. our weights... i use cans of beans and she uses spices.  usually she wakes up and immediately asks to do her exercises and for me to get her her "spicey weights."  :)  

Saturday, March 17, 2012

usual life

i always have my phone with me (usually) so sometimes the pictures from it show real life... like this.  :)

my fat little baby with food in both hands and his mouth.  he didn't know what to do... and i just took pictures of it.  :)  the sweaty head below is also a constant reality here.  but, notice the beautiful background; this was in bali.  

luke was a little slow on the clapping thing... he started just a few weeks ago.  but now, wow, is he excited when he does!  it's the cutest, most proud face!  

more day to day life... mary on the playground being followed by these three cute girls.  for about 10 minutes every time she wanted to play with something else they all came with her.  she was oblivious.  they were really cute.  

luke always falls, gets his hands dirty and then shows them to us so that we'll wipe them off for him.  mary was being a good big sister, with her cool crocs and socks.  sometimes, you just pick your battles with your two year old and the "crocs and socks" battle just isn't that important in our household right now.  

 sometimes i hang from things at the playground and then mary wants to do it too.  well, now luke wants to also.  this is him thinking that he was pulling himself up on the poll... i just wish you could hear the grunt that goes along with the effort.  he's on his tip toes so he thinks he's going up too.

and luke meeting a little friend.  she is so cute.  they always want babies to shake hands here so we go along with it.  luke is learning to shake hands with other babies, unfortunately this might make him the awkward, formal kid on the playground whenever we go back to the states.  

along with daily life in indonesia comes funny signs in the bathroom.  and after 8 months they're still funny to me.  the "how to use the toilet correctly" sign... again.  salah=wrong.  yang benar=the correct way.  

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

batu secret zoo...

next on the list is batu.  we took a short drive to a city called batu that holds the best zoo i've ever been to.  it was awesome!  they also have a great playground in the town center, which is where luke met his little buddy above.  :)  she is so stinking cute! they shook hands and then gave kisses.  it was pretty cute.

 the hotel we stayed at was right beside the zoo and we could see (and hear!) the animals from our room... like hear the lion and tigers roaring all night.  it is called pohon inn, pohon means tree and everything was very tree-like.  it was a really cool place.  

i had to show my loyalities to the owl.  i'm a chi omega until i die, right?!?

i love this picture.  mary looks like such a big girl having this serious heart to heart with her daddy.  i'm sure they were.  notice the socks... she insisted on wearing the socks with crocs.  oh mary.  

these aren't great pictures but i thought it would show a little into our real daily life here.  we were in the lobby getting ready to head home and a class of middle school students came in.  they went crazy over mary and luke.  this is me holding both kids while they talk to us and take 48 pictures of them. 

can you see luke's little head behind the mass of young teenagers?  we're behind them all as the center of attention.  that is a new normal here.  my kids are like magnets for people.  it's unbelievable.  i caught many people taking pictures of my kids in the zoo, rather than the exotic and amazing animals all around them.  i just try to make it fun for the kids so they don't get frustrated by the masses.  sometimes they do great and other times they aren't so happy with the random people grabbing them from me.  we try to take it as an opportunity to teach mary about kindness towards people.  :)

 but, i mean, how could you resist this face?!?!

fun with mimi and papa!

Saturday, March 10, 2012

merry christmas to me!

danny and i don't really do many presents for holidays and especially this year because the poor guy can't just go to the mall and find something for me here.  stores are different here.  anyways, he said he was going to plan a weekend away for us and we waited until my parents came so they could watch the kids.  so, after a few days in bali my wonderful parents took the kids back to our home (Malang) so danny and i could have a few days to vacation by ourselves.  we went to the gili islands.  it was so relaxing and absolutely beautiful!  this picture is of the morning we left... beautiful!

the happy and relaxed couple

it's funny that we live so close to these tropical paradises because neither of us really like the beach, like at all.  so, we spent a week in bali/gili islands and didn't spend more than three minutes on the beach (the three minutes were in the rain and the only reason we went is because i thought we just had to since we were there!).  just kind of funny.  none the less, we had a very relaxing time walking around, seeing the sights and not having to plan our days around nap times.  oh, and i got to wear tank tops... something that i'd never do in our city... which is obvious by my slightly whiter shoulders.  :)

here is the local ferry boat that took us to another island for a day trip.  most tourists chartered boats but it was about $25 each way and the local boat was about $1.25 each way.  luckily we live here so local transportation is no big deal to us.  it was really cool being there, so different than the island we live on.  it was such a beachy, touristy, laid-back environment. 

though we adore our kids, we were thankful and refreshed after our two days away!  thanks mimi and papa!

Friday, March 9, 2012


 we've had a busy last week or so!  here's the first of a few posts to recap it...

we went to bali!  bali is a quick and cheap flight away from our home now so it's an awesome place to take a little vacation.  i think the best part about bali was the food (at least for me and danny) because they have a lot of different western restaurants... we've been here awhile so we really appreciate some variety!  :)  we had a beautiful place on the water with a pool.  it was such a great set up for our family.  unfortunately our kids were both sick the whole time so they were in and out of bed (and terrible moods!!!) so we did a lot of hanging around the house.  but, it was still fun!

mary isn't the bravest girl around but she did great in the pool this time.  at first we couldn't let go of her at all but eventually she swam the length of the pool (with her floaties of course!) by herself.  i hope to find more opportunities for her to get in the water around here because she really seemed to enjoy it.

 she loved swimming with her papa!

luke in a trance.  mimi was doing "X marks the spot", something she is famous for in our family.  luke loves it and would sit their forever in a trance, as shown.  :)  

mary laughing at someone splashing her... 

and luke laughing at getting splashed.  i love this face of luke's!  he makes this funny deep noise before he starts laughing and does this face.  he's becoming quite the goof.

one day we went to a market there just to check out the local scene.  here is mary and mimi looking at all of the ducks in their baskets.  mary liked them.  

and, i just thought this was pretty impressive, right?!?  those balinese women could carry anything on their heads!

i always intend to take so many pictures on vacations and it just doesn't happen.  it's so hard with having the kids out of their ordinary place/schedule so to get the camera out is sometimes too much.  anyways, i did my best.  and i guess you'll see by the next post kids can't be my only excuse.  danny and i had two days by ourselves and i took about 6 pictures.  :)  oh well.  but, the good news is that we had a great time in bali!