Saturday, March 10, 2012

merry christmas to me!

danny and i don't really do many presents for holidays and especially this year because the poor guy can't just go to the mall and find something for me here.  stores are different here.  anyways, he said he was going to plan a weekend away for us and we waited until my parents came so they could watch the kids.  so, after a few days in bali my wonderful parents took the kids back to our home (Malang) so danny and i could have a few days to vacation by ourselves.  we went to the gili islands.  it was so relaxing and absolutely beautiful!  this picture is of the morning we left... beautiful!

the happy and relaxed couple

it's funny that we live so close to these tropical paradises because neither of us really like the beach, like at all.  so, we spent a week in bali/gili islands and didn't spend more than three minutes on the beach (the three minutes were in the rain and the only reason we went is because i thought we just had to since we were there!).  just kind of funny.  none the less, we had a very relaxing time walking around, seeing the sights and not having to plan our days around nap times.  oh, and i got to wear tank tops... something that i'd never do in our city... which is obvious by my slightly whiter shoulders.  :)

here is the local ferry boat that took us to another island for a day trip.  most tourists chartered boats but it was about $25 each way and the local boat was about $1.25 each way.  luckily we live here so local transportation is no big deal to us.  it was really cool being there, so different than the island we live on.  it was such a beachy, touristy, laid-back environment. 

though we adore our kids, we were thankful and refreshed after our two days away!  thanks mimi and papa!

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Sarah said...

A weekend alone! That's so nice :) I can't believe you two don't even like the beach - haha!