Sunday, April 29, 2012

10k... indonesia style.

i ran my first race in indonesia today.  it was a 10k that i found out about 4 days ago.  i have been running once or twice a week but no more than three miles really.  i went for it and actually had a great time and didn't want to die (like i thought i might).  it must be the not pushing two kids in a stroller thing that made it easier.  :)  

this race was different than any that i've done in america... in so many ways!  it started 45 minutes late (very indonesian), there were no toilets or water at all.  we had to BUY water at the end of the race!  we started on one end of town and ended on another... when we asked how we were supposed to get back to our vehicles they just looked at us like we had three heads.  no shuttles or anything.  the roads were kind of closed during the race, but we were still running around motorcycles and stuff.  the registration fee was $1.60 not $30+ like the states.  we didn't get bibs, every runner got a tank top with their number on it.  

this was our pre-race entertainment.  it was traditional music and these boys dancing with whips and cardboard horses.  it was actually really cool.  

and this little guy was in on all of it... he was so tiny and such a good dancer!

the other major difference is that there were only two other white people that ran this race so we were a BIG deal.  before the race they announced the oldest runner and the group of americans... not sure why we were included.  we had a ton of people take pictures of us.  we had multiple guys (there were very few girls that ran) try to run with us without us knowing it... but they weren't too slick.  we would speed up and slow down and they would stay right beside us.  it was weird.  there was a guy right on my shoulder for about the last 2k and i wanted him to know that i knew what he was doing.  they don't talk to us they just run too close for comfort.  so, when i saw the finish line i just started sprinting and along came my little buddy, we sprinted across the finish line together.  

after the race carolyn and i headed home to be with our families but the others stuck around.  they were given special seats and awards... just like with the winners except they didn't win.  hilarious!  they also met city officials and were surrounded by papparazi.  i'm sure they will make the newspaper tomorrow.  we always get a lot of attention here but today was crazy.  usually i have my kids with me and they get all of the attention; i'm just their mom.  nobody knows my name but when we walk through the mall i hear at least 10 employees yelling "lukey!"  today i didn't have my kids as my buffer.  next time i'll bring the jogging stroller.  that would really be a sight!  

post-race picture... with my peace sign.  :)

though it was so different, it was a great cultural experience, fun to see the city on foot and a nice little push from my usual 3 miles.  definitely want to keep running races in indonesia!  

Friday, April 27, 2012

so right.

yesterday i got to spend a few hours alone with just this guy.  it was so fun for me.  language school can be taxing, not getting the time with my kids that i really want.  it's hard to get one-on-one time with luke when mary is around because she always wants to talk or play something that he can't do yet.  luke sleeps more than mary so i always get one-on-one time with her.  this month i'm only going to class three days a week and am studying in the afternoons.  this gives me mornings at home with the kids.  mary goes to school for two hours M-TH so i'll have two hours with just luke.  

yesterday we played with toy animals, kicked/threw/shot/rolled the ball over and over again, read books, colored, ate snack... just me and bubba.  sometimes luke has been a little difficult and sometimes i think it's because he doesn't get as much of my attention as he'd like (though i will say he wants A LOT of the attention) and he's always wanting more.  so, he clings to me, cries, whines, etc.  all babies do.  

i have gotten more time with him the last few days and he has been so pleasant.  so happy, silly, funny... eating well, hitting less, throwing himself on the floor in complete despair over not getting another cup of milk less.  :)  i'm not saying he's going to be a perfect kid now that he has a few hours with me, but i do think this will help both of us.  

this language school /getting time with my kids balance has weighed heavy on me for months now.  i know many moms work outside of the home and i know it can be neccesary, and i now understand how hard it is.  yesterday when i got undivided attention with my little man i felt so peaceful, so right.  this is what i'm supposed to be doing.  on the floor, playing with and loving my kids.   

even little things, like putting him to bed at night.  i always have to speed through singing "amazing grace" because if not he'll wiggle out of my arms and run out the door.  the last few naps and nights he's let me just rock him.  i have felt such grace and peace with him.  i'm so thankful.  so thankful that i get to be his mom and spend time with him. 

he's clearly starting to understand more.  he understands little games like hide and seek, he laughs at mary and her friends when they laugh about something, he understands the things he is allowed to do (throw balls) and isn't allowed to do (throw anything else... cup, food, blocks, phones... you name it, he wants to throw it).  he holds the object that is not allowed to be thrown over his shoulder and looks at me, waiting for me to shake my head no.  then, he hands it to me.  i feel like it's a miracle.  :)  previously, he hasn't really responded to any discipline or "no"... if i told him "no hit" after he hits something (or me) in anger he just looks at me and does it over again.  

all this to say, i'm thankful.  i'm thankful that i get to spend time with my kids.  i'm thankful that i get to play with them and go on walks and eat lunch and talk to them.  i thankful that i get to train them and teach them about God and how wonderful He is.  though by 7:30pm every night i'm about to fall over in exhaustion, this is our life and i love it.  

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

mary sings

we sing a lot and sometimes we sing at dinner to keep the kids happy and eating.  here's a little "jesus loves the little children" from mary.  except mary mentions her friends instead of colors of people.  :)  there were a whole group of kids from our church born within a few month of each other so our friend jeff changed the lyrics.  mary loves the song.  

and there's a special shout out to "baby jakey."  every time she sings it she either adds in baby jakey or lets me know that we forgot him.  kind of funny because i'm pretty sure she wouldn't even remember baby jakey if we saw him now.  miss you, bianchs! 

ps. sorry the quality isn't wonderful, it's from my phone.  one day, we'll start using that nice video camera that we got for christmas.  :)

Saturday, April 21, 2012

around town lately

sometimes you just see funny things living asia.  i'm glad that in these modern days we have cell phones with good cameras to capture them.  like this sign.  

or this sign.  i'm not sure what all of the helmet wearing people were looking at but i can only assume there were cats there.  we have cats in our yard too... cats that eat our garbage and make breeding sounds/dying sounds in our front yard.  we love them.

i also capture the every day moments with the phone camera.  we go on a lot of walks... here's luke "jalan-jalan" on our street.  he had just stood up from taking a little rest on the curb.  

here he is taking a little rest on another curb while on a walk around town.  he loves little curbs... they're perfect sized seats for him.  

and here is mary's first self portrait.  up until this point she could only scribble and kind of draw circles. then one day, while danny was also doing a self-portrait (the muscular man in the bottom right corner), she drew herself... upside down.  danny is usually on the other side of the paper so he always draws upside down so that she can see them.  now when she draws people they are usually upside down too.  so funny.  

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

celebrate with old mcdonald

we started mary's birthday off by going out to breakfast.  it was actually a little crazy and McDonalds, or "old mcdonalds" as mary calls it, was our third choice but finally we found a place that was open and didn't have a road block.  it's kind of a perfect picture of life here... unpredictable.  in america you know that starbucks will be open everyday at 6am, it's not like that here.  anyways, we made the best of it and since i'd promised waffles (found at our first choice which was blocked by a motorcycle exhibition), mary got pancakes with ice cream.  :)  it was a good enough option that she forgot about the unavailable waffles.  and it turned out to be great because the kids loved playing together.  

then we stopped by a friend's house that has a blow up pool a little bigger than ours and mary swam and played there for awhile.  she loved it!

lastly, we had her 'party' at sunday school.  i signed up to be the teacher knowing that i could do something for her in class.  i may have done that so i didn't have to throw a real party.  one day, when my kids remember, i'll throw fun parties... but for now mary just wants to know that she'll get the icing on top of a cupcake and blow a candle out.  she was happy.  and of course i forgot my camera so leslie snapped a few pictures with her phone.  thanks, leslie!  

and back to mcdonalds, luke had a great time there too.  i love these pictures because it shows his funny personality and his unbelievable ability to sweat.  do you see that wet head!?!  unfortunately, he gets that from me.  we are both usually wet.  it's embarrassing.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

3 lovely years.

happy birthday to my sweet little girl.  i took a stroll down memory lane and picked some of my favorite pictures from her three years.  

she had a 'square face' for awhile... can you tell?

happy first birthday to my girl!
she's an odd one 

she still does that bossy/'i own this place' walk
winter runs with mama

we knew we were moving to indonesia and were too cheap to buy her snow boats...
so she wore bags on her feet.  :)

still loves to read, but doesn't find daddy's snow hat laying around anymore

and now, life in indonesia.... 

we love going on motorcycle rides together... she sings the whole time and loves every minute of it!

carrying her baby indonesian style

she loves to sing and play her guitar

mary, we love you so much.  you are sweet, fun, and loving.  you crack us up more that we'll ever remember.  you test your boundaries and you're hilarious doing it.  you ask me to hold you when you know i can't, like when i'm driving or in the shower.... i still don't know why.  your favorite bible stories are "the man the with the funny hair" (Jesus healing the blind man, who apparently has funny hair), lazarus being raised from the dead, and adam and eve disobeying God... but we always talk about the Good News on that day too.  Jesus is going to come and step on the snake!  :)  you love to do exercises... like all the time.  you love to go 'jalan-jalan' around our neighborhood everyday.  you are still very much in the process of learning to share with your brother, but sometimes you can be the sweetest thing ever to him.  you love to laugh and scream with luke.  you're favorite song is 'how great is our God.'  you love going to wendy's.  you talk like a little adult and try out new words and phrases everyday.  sometimes we battle with you for hours to go poop on the potty, and sometimes you still go in your underwear... and then i have to repent of my bad attitude to you about 30 minutes later.  i'm looking forward to you being over that fear.  you love 'family hugs.'  you love to watch veggie tales movies.  you've started to pretend a lot and sometimes even pretend that you have this robot from elmo with you (which is totally fine, i had an imaginary friend and i'm totally normal).  :)  you drew your first 'self portrait' this week, complete with a head, a face, hair, two arms and one leg.

i could go on and on but since mary can't read and no one is as interested as me and danny in all of these little memories i'll stop.

we thank God that He has given us our daughter.  we pray that one day she'll know that she was lovingly created by God and for God's glory... and that she will joyfully submit under His love and Lordship.

Friday, April 13, 2012


they love each other.

mary was being so sweet to luke.  she gets this sweet voice and says, "i love you bubba" and puts her little hands on his shoulders while kissing him.  like she's so big and has to be so careful with her baby brother.

and here's luke showing his love for mary... blowing her a kiss.

this is my favorite... i love the screaming/laughing together.