Sunday, April 29, 2012

10k... indonesia style.

i ran my first race in indonesia today.  it was a 10k that i found out about 4 days ago.  i have been running once or twice a week but no more than three miles really.  i went for it and actually had a great time and didn't want to die (like i thought i might).  it must be the not pushing two kids in a stroller thing that made it easier.  :)  

this race was different than any that i've done in america... in so many ways!  it started 45 minutes late (very indonesian), there were no toilets or water at all.  we had to BUY water at the end of the race!  we started on one end of town and ended on another... when we asked how we were supposed to get back to our vehicles they just looked at us like we had three heads.  no shuttles or anything.  the roads were kind of closed during the race, but we were still running around motorcycles and stuff.  the registration fee was $1.60 not $30+ like the states.  we didn't get bibs, every runner got a tank top with their number on it.  

this was our pre-race entertainment.  it was traditional music and these boys dancing with whips and cardboard horses.  it was actually really cool.  

and this little guy was in on all of it... he was so tiny and such a good dancer!

the other major difference is that there were only two other white people that ran this race so we were a BIG deal.  before the race they announced the oldest runner and the group of americans... not sure why we were included.  we had a ton of people take pictures of us.  we had multiple guys (there were very few girls that ran) try to run with us without us knowing it... but they weren't too slick.  we would speed up and slow down and they would stay right beside us.  it was weird.  there was a guy right on my shoulder for about the last 2k and i wanted him to know that i knew what he was doing.  they don't talk to us they just run too close for comfort.  so, when i saw the finish line i just started sprinting and along came my little buddy, we sprinted across the finish line together.  

after the race carolyn and i headed home to be with our families but the others stuck around.  they were given special seats and awards... just like with the winners except they didn't win.  hilarious!  they also met city officials and were surrounded by papparazi.  i'm sure they will make the newspaper tomorrow.  we always get a lot of attention here but today was crazy.  usually i have my kids with me and they get all of the attention; i'm just their mom.  nobody knows my name but when we walk through the mall i hear at least 10 employees yelling "lukey!"  today i didn't have my kids as my buffer.  next time i'll bring the jogging stroller.  that would really be a sight!  

post-race picture... with my peace sign.  :)

though it was so different, it was a great cultural experience, fun to see the city on foot and a nice little push from my usual 3 miles.  definitely want to keep running races in indonesia!  

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