Sunday, April 15, 2012

3 lovely years.

happy birthday to my sweet little girl.  i took a stroll down memory lane and picked some of my favorite pictures from her three years.  

she had a 'square face' for awhile... can you tell?

happy first birthday to my girl!
she's an odd one 

she still does that bossy/'i own this place' walk
winter runs with mama

we knew we were moving to indonesia and were too cheap to buy her snow boats...
so she wore bags on her feet.  :)

still loves to read, but doesn't find daddy's snow hat laying around anymore

and now, life in indonesia.... 

we love going on motorcycle rides together... she sings the whole time and loves every minute of it!

carrying her baby indonesian style

she loves to sing and play her guitar

mary, we love you so much.  you are sweet, fun, and loving.  you crack us up more that we'll ever remember.  you test your boundaries and you're hilarious doing it.  you ask me to hold you when you know i can't, like when i'm driving or in the shower.... i still don't know why.  your favorite bible stories are "the man the with the funny hair" (Jesus healing the blind man, who apparently has funny hair), lazarus being raised from the dead, and adam and eve disobeying God... but we always talk about the Good News on that day too.  Jesus is going to come and step on the snake!  :)  you love to do exercises... like all the time.  you love to go 'jalan-jalan' around our neighborhood everyday.  you are still very much in the process of learning to share with your brother, but sometimes you can be the sweetest thing ever to him.  you love to laugh and scream with luke.  you're favorite song is 'how great is our God.'  you love going to wendy's.  you talk like a little adult and try out new words and phrases everyday.  sometimes we battle with you for hours to go poop on the potty, and sometimes you still go in your underwear... and then i have to repent of my bad attitude to you about 30 minutes later.  i'm looking forward to you being over that fear.  you love 'family hugs.'  you love to watch veggie tales movies.  you've started to pretend a lot and sometimes even pretend that you have this robot from elmo with you (which is totally fine, i had an imaginary friend and i'm totally normal).  :)  you drew your first 'self portrait' this week, complete with a head, a face, hair, two arms and one leg.

i could go on and on but since mary can't read and no one is as interested as me and danny in all of these little memories i'll stop.

we thank God that He has given us our daughter.  we pray that one day she'll know that she was lovingly created by God and for God's glory... and that she will joyfully submit under His love and Lordship.

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Emily said...

Happy Birthday, Mary! Lisa, those are great memories and so fun to read about. Beautiful photos, too. I wish I could spend time with your quirky girl!! Love you guys.