Saturday, April 21, 2012

around town lately

sometimes you just see funny things living asia.  i'm glad that in these modern days we have cell phones with good cameras to capture them.  like this sign.  

or this sign.  i'm not sure what all of the helmet wearing people were looking at but i can only assume there were cats there.  we have cats in our yard too... cats that eat our garbage and make breeding sounds/dying sounds in our front yard.  we love them.

i also capture the every day moments with the phone camera.  we go on a lot of walks... here's luke "jalan-jalan" on our street.  he had just stood up from taking a little rest on the curb.  

here he is taking a little rest on another curb while on a walk around town.  he loves little curbs... they're perfect sized seats for him.  

and here is mary's first self portrait.  up until this point she could only scribble and kind of draw circles. then one day, while danny was also doing a self-portrait (the muscular man in the bottom right corner), she drew herself... upside down.  danny is usually on the other side of the paper so he always draws upside down so that she can see them.  now when she draws people they are usually upside down too.  so funny.  

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