Thursday, April 5, 2012

together again.

a family from boston just moved here and we are thrilled they are here! we've been waiting their arrival for months and are so glad they've finally made it across the big ocean. it's fun to have people we're comfortable with and people that know our history and stuff... it was also fun to see that our kids acted like we just were at their house last week.

mary and eli are only 5 weeks apart... here they are at the very beginning.

they have been playing super well together the last few weeks. you know, sharing personal secrets and stuff.

they started school together this week and have enjoyed that... though i must confess, eli is doing much better than mary. mary is getting there. every day she's a little happier and a little easier to drop off. here she is in her little classroom. i wish you could see her outfit... she has this adorable grey dress on and then insisted on wearing this "dress up" purple vest backwards to school. sometimes, you pick your battles with your 2 year old.

anyway, after school today eli came over to play and i took the two of them on a little adventure. we walked down the street and waited for the "angkot," the public transportation here. here they are waiting.

on the "angkot" or as they called it, the blue bus

waiting of our juices. uhh, how funny is the obvious difference between the boy and the girl. mary kept saying she wanted to roll down the hill like eli, she would get all set up and then say "i not want to do that."

and then we got our juices which i didn't take a picture of because eli sucked his down in about .7 seconds. it was hilarious. he kept sucking and his straw was making the slurping noise and these sweet older ladies were laughing at him. meanwhile, mary had about three drinks and was done... and eli wanted to finish it. i drank most of it because i thought two juices would be a bit too much sugar for him. :) and, here they are playing in the water.

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Elizabeth Weiss said...

Adorable! Thanks for sharing the adventures and the photos! Sending love to all from Massachusetts,