Sunday, April 1, 2012

celebrate good times.

we've had two celebrations this weekend.  friday mary had her first day of school.  we actually had a first day of school (trial) on monday too, but we didn't love the school so we decided on another one which i think is going to be great.  more about school later... but here we are off to mary's first day of school.  

don't mind my squished cheeks.  my power ranger helmet is tight and safe!

and then on saturday mary went poop in the potty.  yep, we're having some REAL trouble with that.  she's been trained for three months for numer one but we have a long struggle almost every day for two... even if we put her in a pull up.  anyways, we will take the small victory and celebrate.  took her on a motorcycle ride to get "ice cream" (or a fruit bar) and we sat on a curb by these huge letters that she likes.  they're in this big neighborhood and she always talks about the green letters... they aren't even letters, they're just a design but she says that it says "M-A-R-Y".  

this may bore some of you, but i want to remember... our bed time routine.  mary calls daddy to 'get the light', danny runs in and i hold mary and they fight to turn the light off.  i lay beside mary at the end of her bed and we all sing amazing grace.  i throw the blanket towards her pillow and crawls there to win the race.  we say good night mary... and she says "mommy, will you hold me one more time."  i say yes.  "but i want my dad to hold me.  and then after daddy's turn, it's your turn and after your turn it's daddy's turn more-gin."  daddy picks her up, she places her blanket over his shoulder and we sing the last two lines of amazing grace.  i take her and she wants to be held like a baby.  we sing the last two lines again.  she wants us to do "family hug" all through the song.  i lay her down and we say good night.  as i'm walking out the door... "but mommy, i need something."  she usually wants water or socks... because those are the only two things that she'll get.  though sometimes i just want to say, GET IN BED!  danny reminds me to be patient and let her have her little quirks (maybe because he has them too so he understands her mentality more than i do).  i write this because one day i'll forget... she's has so many 'bed time' quirks that we have already forgotten.  i also write this to tell you, if you have a two year old just stop it before it starts!  :)


TJ said...

Precious Lisa - time passes so quickly all there cute little sayings and thoughts, treasures for the future, whether they remember or not you do. Thanks you for taking the time to share your life with all of us. I always enjoy reading whatever is going on in your world there and it helps to remind me to not only pray for your ministry there but for your precious family as well.

Sarah said...

For the longest time whenever Livi had to poop she'd ask for a diaper to poop in! Silly girl. Mary will get it and while growing up is sad, learning to use the potty for everything is awesome :D