Wednesday, April 18, 2012

celebrate with old mcdonald

we started mary's birthday off by going out to breakfast.  it was actually a little crazy and McDonalds, or "old mcdonalds" as mary calls it, was our third choice but finally we found a place that was open and didn't have a road block.  it's kind of a perfect picture of life here... unpredictable.  in america you know that starbucks will be open everyday at 6am, it's not like that here.  anyways, we made the best of it and since i'd promised waffles (found at our first choice which was blocked by a motorcycle exhibition), mary got pancakes with ice cream.  :)  it was a good enough option that she forgot about the unavailable waffles.  and it turned out to be great because the kids loved playing together.  

then we stopped by a friend's house that has a blow up pool a little bigger than ours and mary swam and played there for awhile.  she loved it!

lastly, we had her 'party' at sunday school.  i signed up to be the teacher knowing that i could do something for her in class.  i may have done that so i didn't have to throw a real party.  one day, when my kids remember, i'll throw fun parties... but for now mary just wants to know that she'll get the icing on top of a cupcake and blow a candle out.  she was happy.  and of course i forgot my camera so leslie snapped a few pictures with her phone.  thanks, leslie!  

and back to mcdonalds, luke had a great time there too.  i love these pictures because it shows his funny personality and his unbelievable ability to sweat.  do you see that wet head!?!  unfortunately, he gets that from me.  we are both usually wet.  it's embarrassing.


Elizabeth Weiss said...

Happy Birthday to Mary! Thanks for sharing! So glad all is going well.

Luke said...

Tell Luke I'm sorry he picked up the Larkin sweat gene. He is so stinking cute. I can't wait till July. Did Mary get her B-day package? Love you guys