Wednesday, April 11, 2012

the empty egg.

this is kind of the story of luke's first easter egg hunt.  that is his camo basket (from a friend, but very appropriate for my manly little boy) and the pink egg 0.7 inches from it.  the pink egg never made it into the basket.  he threw it a few times and kicked it a lot.  i tried to show him how, but gently placing eggs in a basket is for the weak.  he preferred to chuck them across the grassy knoll...  

... and kick them.  we're in asia, he can't help but learn soccer.  though danny and i both agree that he will be a basketball, football and baseball player in the end.  

or open them.

but if i'm honest, this picture best represents his day.  it was a rough one!!!  i like to tell myself it was because he is getting his molars in right now, but not sure if that's really why he was so cranky.  i love him all the same, but man, holding him outside that long made me hot!  this is when i put him down for 12 seconds.  he wanted to be held again, can you tell?

he was totally fine once we got home.  he got a new cup with a straw (just like his big sister's) and he was pretty excited about it.  after this moment was one of the best "photo ops" of my kids together yet.  pictures to come tomorrow, but it was one of those moments that i love.  one of my favorite sounds is hearing them laugh hysterically together.  

mary had a great time at the easter egg hunt... i think she understood the objective a bit more.  :)

 the tomb (and egg) is empty... 


the service before the easter egg hunt was wonderful.  my kids were great (thanks to the cheerios that mimi brought from america) and we were really able to reflect on Jesus and the victory over sin and death and destruction that comes with his resurrection.  we are so blessed now and we have something unimaginable to look forward to.  i pray that one day my kids understand what the empty tomb is all about!

mary picks those little flowers by the side of the road almost every day when we go on walks... and she's excited to give them to her daddy every time.  

lastly, our attempt at a family picture.  one day... one day we'll all be smiling.  

and after mary got a basketful of eggs, she got one on her forehead that night too.  poor little girl.  she was playing with a friend on the bed and fell off onto the tile floor.  she was fine a few minutes later, but she's still telling me to be "hati-hati" (careful in indonesian) with her booboo every time i wash her face or put a shirt on her.  

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