Tuesday, April 24, 2012

mary sings

we sing a lot and sometimes we sing at dinner to keep the kids happy and eating.  here's a little "jesus loves the little children" from mary.  except mary mentions her friends instead of colors of people.  :)  there were a whole group of kids from our church born within a few month of each other so our friend jeff changed the lyrics.  mary loves the song.  

and there's a special shout out to "baby jakey."  every time she sings it she either adds in baby jakey or lets me know that we forgot him.  kind of funny because i'm pretty sure she wouldn't even remember baby jakey if we saw him now.  miss you, bianchs! 

ps. sorry the quality isn't wonderful, it's from my phone.  one day, we'll start using that nice video camera that we got for christmas.  :)


Meghan said...

Oh Mary, we love you!!!

Emily said...

Sweet little voice!!!