Monday, May 28, 2012

faces from indonesia

this weekend there was a big festival in our city celebrating the "good ole days" or something like that.  basically, one of the main drags in town was closed for 4 days and a TON of people came to hang out, eat traditional food and look at the sights.  it was really fun for our family.  though we were a little attacked by random cameras asking for pictures of our children, we enjoyed it.  :)  i love going to big events like that because it makes me love the city we live in.  

on saturday danny watched the kids for a bit so i could go get some photos of people.  usually i'm too embarrassed to get up in their face and take pictures, but since everyone was doing it at the festival ("malang tempo dulu") i got up the guts and did it too.  i think indonesia people are so beautiful.  here are some of the beautiful people on this side of the world.  


mullenla said...

Lisa, these are great!!! I wish I were as berani as you to take people's pictures...I loooooooove the one of the dad kissing his baby. You captured such amazing moments! But the last little girl looks kinda pissed you took her picture haha

Neave said...

beautiful photos, Lisa! You're developing your skill nicely.

Emily said...

Beautiful people. I hope we can visit you and them next summer!