Tuesday, May 15, 2012

girl vs. boy

luke leads with his head.  he loves to go right at people, head first.  he loves to rough house.  mary is enjoying it more and more, though sometimes she's still afraid when he comes running at her.  she's not that brave... yet.  i think she will be as she sees her little brother push the limits.  :)  they're so different.  i love it.

look at those legs.  

luke also motions for mary to sit "on his lap" or in between his legs....

and then he pushed her away.  he likes us to sit on his lap too.  

and sometimes this happens.  the pictures is terrible but just so funny.  mary couldn't get her leggings up so she left them right below her bum.  why not, right?  do you notice a theme here?  my kids are usually in their underwear/diaper.  that's just want we do since it's a little hot here.  one day, they're realize that isn't normal and that all of the big people have clothes on.  but for now, they sweat less this way.  :)

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