Thursday, May 10, 2012

paul pierce's godson

i'm going to embrace the camera today.   it's a challenge from another mom-blogger to actually be IN the pictures with your kids.  so, in an effort to do that i gave the self timer a go today.  :)  me and my boy, playing with a basketball.  something we both love.  

i think paul pierce has this basketball too... but i bet he didn't find it in indonesia like us!  

some fun things about luke lately... 

he started "talking" more and more.  oh man, it's adorable!  he just jabbers away as if we understand him.  

he started talking for real also, in his own way, of course.  he kind of makes sounds that resemble the words, but when the kid is one they count as his words.  he's recently added apple, "mau" (indonesian word meaning "want"), sh-sh (which means shoe or susu... the indonesian word for milk), and cracker.  and our babysitter thinks he uses one javanese word (the local language).   

he and mary are playing so well together these days.  they just scream in laughter.  he thinks she's awesome... until she steals his toys or yells at him for not obeying her.  :)  we're still trying to teach her about who has to obey who around this house.  

he is so much more fearless than mary.  if he's on the bed or in a ball pit, he just stands up and free falls straight back.  he runs at us full force and throws his body into us.    

he loves to sweep too.  loves it!  he grabs brooms all day and will spend 15 minutes.  he especially loves to sweep big ants away.

when we put him to bed he just cuddles up and lays there while we sing to him.  we used to have to rush through "amazing grace" so that he wouldn't wiggle down and be out the door before the song was over.  now, he just lays there peacefully enjoying my voice. ;) 

there are a million more things we can say about our boy, but it's time to go to bed.  


emily anderson said...

lisa! i'm so glad to see you on here---did you know we're moving to texas? i know you're not there (i don't think--still northeast, right?)

anywho, we were there last weekend and i saw ash. hope to see you one day! your family is adorable...i remember you were pregnant with mary last time i saw you!

emily anderson said...

duh. i read it earlier but you're in indonesia :)

Jeff and Sarah Bianchi said...

Lisa, jake and luke sound SO much alike! Can't wait for them to reconnect! Love you sister!