Thursday, May 3, 2012

take 'em to the mattresses

this is what we do around our house.  usually luke is laughing and wrestling, not crying.  he LOVES to wrestle.  if we get down on the mattress, he immediately runs to us, smiley with his head tucked ready to tackle us.  danny plays with them almost every evening while i get dinner on the table.  it's been glorious.  this is danny giving "the claw" to mary... now both of our kids do the stomach claw to others.  awesome.

why is there a mattress in the middle of our living room you ask?  oh, because my parents came to visit... 2 months ago!  the floors are really hard here and good rugs are expensive and we don't have a lot of guests so we just keep it out as the centerpiece of our house.  i would never do this in america because we had people over all of the time and it's not exactly a guest friendly environment.  but indonesia is different, especially as we're still learning the language.  so, we're embracing it and playing on it hours a day.  we love the random mattress!

thanks for loaning it to us, oquins.  let us know when you want it back.  ;)

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