Wednesday, June 27, 2012

to america we go...

ready, set, go... to america.  

we are almost ready.  we have two hours and then we're off on our long, long journey to america.  you can pray for us... that are kids are magical angels and want to sit in their seats for 8 hour shifts.  and that God gives danny and i all that we need to be selfless and giving towards our kids.  though this journey will not be overly enjoyable for us, it won't be for them either.  at least we understand WHY we have to sit on a plane for 22 hours.... we can't wait to see family and friends!!!

the people we will dearly miss... 

we love you!  you are so fun for our kids and we love having you in and out of our home.  

the greatest babysitter and indonesian grandmother we could ask for!  
we are so thankful for her in our lives.   

a wonderful helper and buddy to our kids.  here she is sharing her rice with mary and helping her eat in indonesian style... with her hands.  :)  

and though there is so much we will miss about indonesia, we can't wait to visit family and friends in america... and maybe eat some of the amazing food that we miss so much!!!  bacon, danny!?!  :)

Wednesday, June 20, 2012


saturday morning we headed down to alun-alun, which is the town center, like the boston common... kind of, but not really.  :)  it's the indonesians version of boston common.  when we lived in boston i loved going down there and having a picnic and enjoying the city.  it helps me feel like this is my city and it's a place i really enjoy.  danny, well he's just a good sport.  he never understands why we can't just eat at the table at home and then go outside.  but, here he is being a good dad and sitting on the picnic sheet with the kids.  confession, danny and i ate at our table after we got home.  :)

luke seemed to really enjoy himself.  there was quite a bit of grassy area so he just kicked the ball around and chased it... for a long time!  he had onlookers too... they would cheer for him and he'd make faces and wait for their applause.

this is mary climbing a tree.  she's got skills.  

and lastly, luke posing with a stranger.  :)  i assure you, danny was right there.  

i really liked being at alun alun.  we had a few conversations with strangers, had fun with our family and i felt happy that this is our city.  i hope our family will be taking more trips there.  danny, you can start stretching for our picnics now!  

Sunday, June 17, 2012

the best.

**luke, way to photo bomb the cutest picture of daddy and mary ever.  

happy father's day to THE BEST a kid could ask for!  

Saturday, June 16, 2012


mary in her little school uniform.  so big and oh so cute.  

and i have to show the back just so you could get the full effect of the ginormous shorts!  :)

at school with her teachers and some buddies.  it was the last day of class and hardly anyone came and those that did didn't wear their uniforms... of course i wait until the last day of class to try to get pictures.  there were 9 kids in her class, not 3... and they usually all had on the cute uniform.  :)

this was the special party day... do you see my kid's sweaty hair.  apparently they did a dance party that day and they said she jumped and danced for 20 minutes straight.  i don't know where she gets the sweaty gene from?  ;)

wonderful miss vinda.  

this was mary's teacher.  we are so thankful for her!  mary loves miss vinda!  usually asked to see her on weekends and would run up to her, give her a big hug and they would say "i love you" to each other every morning.  after the first 2-3 weeks of mary crying every time she got dropped off, that is. :) needless to say, we were thankful when they bonded.  it was a big step for mary... she ended up going into a class of kids all older than her, they use mostly indonesian (though the teachers can speak english too), and she's never been dropped off at anything like that.  

we are really proud of the way mary adapted to school.  she just went to school for the last 7 weeks of the year but she still learned so much... learned most of her letters, a lot of numbers, and a lot of new songs in indonesian.  our main goal in having her there is language and socialization with indonesian children... she still has a long way to go, but made great progress!  she frequently has us repeat prayers after her that she learned in school (in indonesian), she always sings her indonesia songs and she understands and says new phrases and commands almost daily... but she was still pretty clueless if they read a story in indonesian or do a whole lesson in only indonesian.  :)  she sings a song call "yesus sayang semua" all of the time... it means, jesus loves everyone.  like, we'll be walking down the street, on the public transportation, in the grocery store and she's singing her heart out.  i pray that once she understands what she is saying she will be just as confident it the Message.  

all in all, we had a great experience at kidsland and look forward to starting school again in august!  

Thursday, June 14, 2012

porch and poo

i've been lazy with my camera this week... cell phone pics again.  :)  luke and i were sick last week and i'm finally almost at 100% a week and a half later.  that's my excuse.  

but, we were having a good old time on the porch together a few days ago.  they play together more and more.  mary is such a sweet big sister to luke (most of the time) and he thinks she's awesome (usually).  i love watching them interact and make each other laugh.  

what, you don't like my hair like this?  

luke's hair could be like this almost any time of the day... the boy just sweats!  

and in other amazing news... mary pooped on the toilet two days in a row... without me forcing her and without any tears.  in fact, we didn't even know she was going.  i haven't talked much about the BMs of my oldest child, but i tell you what, i had to give up trying to get her to go for my own pursuit of holiness.  i would get beyond frustrated with her.  we'd try for hours and then she'd go in her undies or on the floor or while sleeping. anyways, i took all pressure off and yesterday when i was out i got a phone call from her saying she did it!  i thought it was maybe a fluke but it happened again today.  oh Lord, please, let this be forever.  :)  

Saturday, June 9, 2012

our two hours

a morning with luke and some of his favorite things... 


his sister's favorite toys 
(he doesn't really care about trains that much yet, but usually he likes to swipe whatever mary is excited about playing with... right now, eli's borrowed trains.  thanks eli!)

corn flakes 
see them in that little mouth?  they're about the only cereal we can get here under $9 a box, and so the only cereal we eat.  we will be eating lots and lots of different kinds of cereal for the 7 weeks we'll be in the states!  danny's dream.

big people's shoes

add a ball and a broom and that about covers luke's favorite things.  

i have really loved my 2 hours with luke while mary is in school.  it's been such a fun time to play with him and have him be my little buddy.  i always felt like mary was my little buddy, i'd take her places and she just tagged along (as long as i didn't have a major to do list and was okay with getting almost nothing done while running my errands) :)  but it's different with two.  not quite as easy.  so, it's been fun having luke as my little buddy now.  we eat snacks together, we play on the bed, we go on walks, we go to stores and play hide seek around the aisles.  :)

luke has never been as easy going as mary was as a baby.  he just requires more full attention and sometimes it's draining.  these times with him have been really good for me to see his little personality when he has my full attention... and for me to realize how much he needs my full attention.  he was so peaceful, so pleasant, so fun.  he's like that when other people are around too, but he also whines for more of ME often.  i really felt God's presence with us... many times i would be playing with luke or singing or whatever and all of the sudden be struck with thankfulness for God's presence giving us peace and joy.  i'm thankful for those times.

Friday, June 8, 2012

what mom?!?

Photo Challenge Submission  This photo was submitted to the I Heart Faces photo challenge – not because i think i'll win but because i think my boy is the definition of "all boy" (the topic this month) and here's a pretty accurate depiction of that. :)  with his milk still on his chin and shirt.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

he's a star.

this is a perfect picture of luke's life here.  there are always about 5 people looking at him if we're out anywhere besides our little area of town.  saying hi, taking pictures, pinching his cheeks.  

and here's another one... he's in the stroller and those were all the people that were huddled around to see the "bule" (aka whitey), asking to take his picture and grabbing at his cheeks.  

two things... 

a.  i don't really think he's a star.  people here very rarely (or never) see white babies so he attracts a lot of attention.  mary does too, but not like luke.  he's fat and white, what can i say?

b.  when we come to america in a few weeks and you see luke, please don't be offended when he screams at you as you try to approach him.  when we first got here he was fine with it, but he's been squeezed, pinched and grabbed out of my arms one too many times.  he's a little more cautious around people he doesn't know... and he usually screams at them.  i like to tell myself that he's politely asking them not to pinch his cheeks, but it usually doesn't sound so polite.  but, if you want to see a smile just give him a high five... or better yet, if you want to be his friend you can give him a ball!  :)

Friday, June 1, 2012

recent phone pics...

mary and i on one of our "mommy dates"... which usually includes going to the corner store to buy a snack and driving the motorcycle up the hill to a special spot.  she loves it.  :) 

danny found a bacon wrapped, cheese filled hamburger here.  he was pretty happy!

the beauty that we see everyday here.  i love the mountains all around us!

mary trying on some glasses with my dear friend, finny, who came to visit.  we had a blast!

luke being posed to take a picture with some indonesian kids that we don't know at the market... he was clearly very into it.  

date night, eating shark sate.  yummy.  danny and i have started having a date night every week and it's amazing.  i'm so thankful for the time we get to go out, talk and enjoy the fun stuff that our city has to offer.  i highly recommend date nights.  :)

last weekend i did a "health walk" with my friend, vera.  i got there at 5:45am and waited for an hour for it to start (should have known it would be late!).  then we slowly walked for about an hour with thousands of other people and then it ended in a big party with a lot of fried food.  i'm still not sure how it can be called a "health walk" but i had a really fun time.  i was the only white person there and it was probably one of the times that i was the least noticed.  no one asked for a picture with me... except vera.  :)

me and my little man.  that is the fourth bruise he has had in that spot.  he's a tough one.

knocking over his tower of blocks.  knocking things over... that's one of his many gifts. 

that's all from here.  a little piece of our everyday life.  :)