Wednesday, June 20, 2012


saturday morning we headed down to alun-alun, which is the town center, like the boston common... kind of, but not really.  :)  it's the indonesians version of boston common.  when we lived in boston i loved going down there and having a picnic and enjoying the city.  it helps me feel like this is my city and it's a place i really enjoy.  danny, well he's just a good sport.  he never understands why we can't just eat at the table at home and then go outside.  but, here he is being a good dad and sitting on the picnic sheet with the kids.  confession, danny and i ate at our table after we got home.  :)

luke seemed to really enjoy himself.  there was quite a bit of grassy area so he just kicked the ball around and chased it... for a long time!  he had onlookers too... they would cheer for him and he'd make faces and wait for their applause.

this is mary climbing a tree.  she's got skills.  

and lastly, luke posing with a stranger.  :)  i assure you, danny was right there.  

i really liked being at alun alun.  we had a few conversations with strangers, had fun with our family and i felt happy that this is our city.  i hope our family will be taking more trips there.  danny, you can start stretching for our picnics now!  


Emily said...

Lol, Danny!

the Jennings secede from the South said...

I love this age that Luke is at. That all sounds really fun. Our life group leader (Lauren Caivano) had her sister-in-law over and she knows you from Indo! They are here so that she could have a baby but small world.