Tuesday, June 5, 2012

he's a star.

this is a perfect picture of luke's life here.  there are always about 5 people looking at him if we're out anywhere besides our little area of town.  saying hi, taking pictures, pinching his cheeks.  

and here's another one... he's in the stroller and those were all the people that were huddled around to see the "bule" (aka whitey), asking to take his picture and grabbing at his cheeks.  

two things... 

a.  i don't really think he's a star.  people here very rarely (or never) see white babies so he attracts a lot of attention.  mary does too, but not like luke.  he's fat and white, what can i say?

b.  when we come to america in a few weeks and you see luke, please don't be offended when he screams at you as you try to approach him.  when we first got here he was fine with it, but he's been squeezed, pinched and grabbed out of my arms one too many times.  he's a little more cautious around people he doesn't know... and he usually screams at them.  i like to tell myself that he's politely asking them not to pinch his cheeks, but it usually doesn't sound so polite.  but, if you want to see a smile just give him a high five... or better yet, if you want to be his friend you can give him a ball!  :)

1 comment:

Sarah said...

he's so cute, that's why the stares!

also, i still remember getting my cheeks pinched and hating it, so if i ever get to meet him, i'll keep my distance - i understand his pain :D