Saturday, June 9, 2012

our two hours

a morning with luke and some of his favorite things... 


his sister's favorite toys 
(he doesn't really care about trains that much yet, but usually he likes to swipe whatever mary is excited about playing with... right now, eli's borrowed trains.  thanks eli!)

corn flakes 
see them in that little mouth?  they're about the only cereal we can get here under $9 a box, and so the only cereal we eat.  we will be eating lots and lots of different kinds of cereal for the 7 weeks we'll be in the states!  danny's dream.

big people's shoes

add a ball and a broom and that about covers luke's favorite things.  

i have really loved my 2 hours with luke while mary is in school.  it's been such a fun time to play with him and have him be my little buddy.  i always felt like mary was my little buddy, i'd take her places and she just tagged along (as long as i didn't have a major to do list and was okay with getting almost nothing done while running my errands) :)  but it's different with two.  not quite as easy.  so, it's been fun having luke as my little buddy now.  we eat snacks together, we play on the bed, we go on walks, we go to stores and play hide seek around the aisles.  :)

luke has never been as easy going as mary was as a baby.  he just requires more full attention and sometimes it's draining.  these times with him have been really good for me to see his little personality when he has my full attention... and for me to realize how much he needs my full attention.  he was so peaceful, so pleasant, so fun.  he's like that when other people are around too, but he also whines for more of ME often.  i really felt God's presence with us... many times i would be playing with luke or singing or whatever and all of the sudden be struck with thankfulness for God's presence giving us peace and joy.  i'm thankful for those times.

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