Friday, August 31, 2012

next up... florida!

here's the gang, sans luke.  

i got the boys these pop guns from indonesia... they were really cool and i'm sure they are already broken by now because they weren't the highest quality thing i've ever seen, but it's the thought that counts.  :)  and, mary got to learn things like, "i'm the bad guy!" while showing me the meanest face she can muster up.  she didn't know what bad guys were until that week (i know, we're sheltered here)... but i'm sure luke would have taught her soon enough.  

one thing is for sure, will and hudson are not camera shy... i love it!  one day, these are the pictures that will be shown at their graduation and everyone will laugh.  :)  oh and i have more that will be shown soon enough... they love to model.  

mary and isaiah had a good ole time in the red mercedes.  isaiah taught mary how to drive and then they worked out taking turns... i think.  usually kate or will were in charge outside.  it was too hot for us adults.  :)  mary had so much fun with her cousins!  kate was such a sweet big helper and the boys showed her some fun outside.  it was great!  

one night we went to the beach.  in general, i don't love the beach... i mean, i feel kind of like this about it... 

it's too hot, the sand is everywhere and i want to be clean.  that's what i think.  but, this night was AWESOME.  maybe my favorite thing we did in sarasota and somehow we didn't make it there twice. my camera died not long into our time there but this is the first half of our fun there.  

we had a picnic dinner and then headed down to the water to play.  michael and kathryn getting some cuddle time with luke... kind of. 

luke started off a little rough... really rough.  he wiped his eyes with those sandy hands and cried and cried!  but, we rinsed his eyes and after danny held him for an hour he was ready to go again.  

i thought mary was going to do this the whole time... maybe put her hands and feet in but that is about all.  she isn't the bravest kid in the world so i didn't even bring our swimsuits.  

isaiah enjoyed the sand too

but the big kids were having a blast in the water so my kids wanted to join them...   

so papa was the good grandpa that he is and took them all in except luke.  then luke wanted to go in and i didn't want papa to have three kids that couldn't handle the waves by themselves so i took the plunge in my clothes (and thankfully there are no pictures to show because my battery died).  it actually ended up being so fun!  the water was amazing and the kids loved it!  

lastly, here are my two cool brothers hanging out... dressed the same.  cuties.  ;)

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

joy's babies.

i really like photography and though i'm by no means professional i asked joy if i could do a little shoot with her girls... i mean, how cute are they!?!  i don't have a ton of opportunity to practice outside of my kids and i love her kids so i went for it... here are a few of my favorites.  

this is a favorite mainly because it perfectly pictures the personalities of the three girls... (not that emmy is always crying, but she is the youngest and has to make her voice heard among the others). 

Monday, August 27, 2012

another reunion...

after colorado springs with mike and beth we headed to winter park, co for a conference.  it was a WONDERFUL time of reunion, refreshing and re-envisioning.  i won't write much about it... but we are so thankful that we are part of such a wonderful family of believers who have a heart for holy lives and the gospel.  we were humbled to be there.  

for the conference, the entire 2 weeks, our kids were in "camp" from 8:30am-5pm.  i was terrified of what would happen, with luke especially, but they did great!  really an answer to prayer!  so, i don't have many pictures except of the kids with their friends after camp.  

luke with his buddy, emrie
here is luke beginning his courtship with emmy phillips.... which will certainly end in marriage in about 25 years.  we are so happy for the two of them!  :)  seriously, my kids did love spending time with the phillips girls... and luke has recently seen pictures of emmy and gets so excited and screams his version of her name.  it's really sweet.  joy has been one of my closest friends since my freshman year of college and then we lived in boston together for years.  it was a treasure to get so much time with our families together.  i love her children and am thankful that my kids can be friends with them.  

playing chase/ side and seek... cuteness.

gracie loving on luke.  she is very motherly, like mary.  :)  

we spent a lot of evenings playing and eating snacks (because they never ate dinner) on and around this big bear.  winter park is so fun and has a ton of stuff for kids... and it didn't get dark until almost 9pm so we had some late nights playing outside.  it was great though!  more time with the phillips girls.  :)

we are so thankful for the time we got with our dear friends while there... danny and i had friends there too, even if we didn't take pictures with them.  :)  we are both thankful for the many hours of fun and encouraging conversations we were a part of.  looking forward to the next one.  

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

memoirs of our traveling days...

we have done A LOT of traveling in the last seven weeks.  we're thankful for our time in america, but i'll be happy not to ride another airplane for a few years (with kids that is... i'd be happy to go on a romantic get away with danny tomorrow).  we have spent 59 hours on an airplane with our two kids, 35+ hours in airports around the world, slept in 6 different homes (10 different moves) and had countless 2 hour car trips.  

Malang ---> Jakarta ---> Abu Dhabi ---> NYC ---> Mystic, CT ---> Boston ---> Colorado Springs ---> Winter Park ---> Sarasota, FL ---> Mystic, CT ---> Boston ---> Scituate, RI ---> Boston ---> Mystic, CT ---> NYC ---> Abu Dhabi ---> Jakarta ---> MALANG!!!  :)

there was part of me that was afraid to go back to america after only a year of being away.  we're still new here and there is the fear that we will love america a little too much and not want to come back to indonesia. i will say, i was ready to come home to indonesia!  maybe it was the endless transition our family was going through (which was probably a gift from God), but when i walked into our house i was so thankful.  i felt so peaceful and just felt at home.  honestly, i was surprised by my feelings.  our kids were thrilled to be here!  this is home for them; they don't remember america as home.  they ran around the house looking at everything like it was brand new.  you could just feel their level of comfort and ease.  it really is amazing.  

so we've done a lot of traveling and we are praying that someone invents a transporter for humans before we go back again... so that we miss all of the hours of traveling and jet lag.  :)  there are a few things (good and bad) that i don't want to forget...

**in abu dhabi airport mary went poop and i was wiping her.  i told her to touch her toes so i could get her good and clean.  sorry for the details... but here is the funny part.  i noticed her bum was getting lower and lower but i wasn't really looking at her.  all of the sudden it dropped and i looked down and she was in a full push up position doing push ups in the bathroom stall.  i started dying laughing!  it was disgusting and i washed her hands well, but it was funny!

**then there was the time that they wouldn't let us use our carseat on the airplane on the way back home (even though we bought luke a seat)... and i cried.  literally.  before we left american soil.  if you ever fly international with your children who are too big for lap but too young for attention engaging activities, use your carseat!!!  i almost lost my mind with wiggling, exhausted (and hence aggressive) luke on our laps for hours.  i thought about putting him in the overhead compartment for a few hours... i mean, he probably had a better chance not being hurt up there than sitting on my lap.  i will say, it was a new level of frustration (ie. anger).  i have since repented to God and Luke and we are reconciled.  

**in jakarta we got a hotel room because we had an all night layover.  we were SO tired but had to keep the kids up for dinner.  we came home from the hotel restaurant (which was a disaster) and danny got in the shower.  mary and i sat on the bed and luke was just walking around the room.  danny came out of the shower to find this... 

mary and i had fallen asleep on the bed in about 36 seconds.  and luke apparently thought danny's dirty clothes were the best place to sleep.  we were all out, at 7pm with the lights and tv on.  

**in jakarta we were delayed a few hours and there were a lot of people waiting, including little indonesian kids.  they were all peacefully sitting with their parents as my kids were going CRAZY running around the rows of chairs, tackling each other, eating an entire box of biscuits, and screaming.  it was the last few hours of our 60 hour journey home so we just let them go for it.  i'm not sure how indonesian kids are so quite, but they are.  maybe my next kid will follow suit, but for now we'll remain the white, crazy circus wherever we go.  

though we love being home, that doesn't mean that we didn't love being in america.  it was SO fun to see family and friends.  mary and luke really connected with both sides of our families and that was so fun to see.  family is super important to us...  i was showing pictures of my niece and nephews to luke today and he was screaming their names in excitement.  he didn't know who they were a few weeks ago.  that alone makes the trip worth it to me.  

i also loved being in boston.  i just LOVE boston. i love our friends there and i love the city.  this trip i decided that it is my favorite city in the world.  maybe one day we'll live there again.  we'll see.  we were driving along the charles river (one of my favorite places in the world) and i said, 'i just LOVE boston!  mary, don't you love boston?!?' and she said. 'i like indonesia.'  it was sweet and good for me to hear.  i'm thankful she likes indonesia and surprised she was able to express that.  

more on our time in america coming soon... winter park coming next... 

Wednesday, August 15, 2012


though i have not updated about our time in america, i intend to talk about all of our stops around the country (which was a lot!) so the posts will eventually keep coming.  it's been a crazy time here.  wonderful but crazy busy!!!  

after the wedding we stayed at mike and beth's house in colorado springs until our conference the next week (which was also in colorado).  mike and beth are dear friends of ours and like family to my kids.  it was so fun to get so much time with them.  we are thankful we got to stay with them and thankful that they were so gracious to our crazy family for 10 days!   

luke doing what he does best... giving mike and beth high fives.  and a little love to beth at a neighborhood picnic with live music.

we did some playground playing... 

then we got to take a little tour of the air force academy (mike's alma mater) with our friend, dave, who is still working there.  this was the most odd moment.  it is a very rare occasion that luke asks to be picked up by someone other than immediate family.  we were walking along and he randomly went up to dave and reached up.  he's asian so maybe luke felt right at home in his arms.  ;)  it was cute none the less.  

mike holding both kids... he's a good guy!  mary loves mike... it took a few days to reconnect but after she did she was in love all over again.  she sat with mike, played with mike and talked his ear off all day long.  he's a great sport about it!  

beth worked really hard to make the connection with luke (he's a little harder to win over but got easier and easier as we were in america longer)... and she won!  giving luke cuddles and kisses.  thanks for loving him, bethy.  oh, and by the end of our time together he said her name... beff.

they also took us to the zoo and the kids loved it... especially getting to feed the giraffe.  after a few examples from mike mary was brave enough to do it herself.  i was so proud of her (she's not the bravest kid i've ever met).  personally, i didn't want to feed them either... their tongues are disgusting.  so, i was even more proud of her after i squirmed through my feeding attempt.  

beth was clearly confident feeding the giraffe also.  :) 

and here's a video of luke doing the "slow clap" with sandra.  someone we started slow clapping and chanting his name and he LOVED it.  if we were in a group of people and started it he wouldn't join in until everyone was clapping along.  he's just point to the person not participating, waiting for them to cheer for him.  :)  so funny.  

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

dara + tim = merrily married

it's been a little busy and crazy here in america but i want to be sure to document all of the wonderful people we get to see and the fun things we get to do!

so, on to do on to more of our time in america... 


dara has been a dear friend of mine and kind of like a part of my family for 13 years.  i love her... and tim seems pretty wonderful also.  i'm so happy for them!

the wonderful wedding party.  look at that beautiful bride and her cut arms!  nice work, dara.  ;)

these are most of my dearest friends in the world.  we lived in boston together until last year when we moved (and many others are in cities throughout the states), so being back together again was AMAZING.  we had been dreaming, emailing and talking about it for months.  a little sad it's over but so thankful that dara planned her wedding around my time in the states.  thanks, you're a fab friend!    

danny, mary, and luke were also at the wedding.  it was just kind of a ROUGH day for them... still jet lagging and on the fourth new place in 10 days.  so, once they got to the wedding no pictures were taken.  i did however dance with mary in the indonesian baby sling for about an hour... i thought, if they weren't into the party i'd just attach her to me and make her go along with it.  :)  if i find pictures, i'll post them.  

i miss you girls much.  wish i could be there for your nuptials, canela!