Monday, August 27, 2012

another reunion...

after colorado springs with mike and beth we headed to winter park, co for a conference.  it was a WONDERFUL time of reunion, refreshing and re-envisioning.  i won't write much about it... but we are so thankful that we are part of such a wonderful family of believers who have a heart for holy lives and the gospel.  we were humbled to be there.  

for the conference, the entire 2 weeks, our kids were in "camp" from 8:30am-5pm.  i was terrified of what would happen, with luke especially, but they did great!  really an answer to prayer!  so, i don't have many pictures except of the kids with their friends after camp.  

luke with his buddy, emrie
here is luke beginning his courtship with emmy phillips.... which will certainly end in marriage in about 25 years.  we are so happy for the two of them!  :)  seriously, my kids did love spending time with the phillips girls... and luke has recently seen pictures of emmy and gets so excited and screams his version of her name.  it's really sweet.  joy has been one of my closest friends since my freshman year of college and then we lived in boston together for years.  it was a treasure to get so much time with our families together.  i love her children and am thankful that my kids can be friends with them.  

playing chase/ side and seek... cuteness.

gracie loving on luke.  she is very motherly, like mary.  :)  

we spent a lot of evenings playing and eating snacks (because they never ate dinner) on and around this big bear.  winter park is so fun and has a ton of stuff for kids... and it didn't get dark until almost 9pm so we had some late nights playing outside.  it was great though!  more time with the phillips girls.  :)

we are so thankful for the time we got with our dear friends while there... danny and i had friends there too, even if we didn't take pictures with them.  :)  we are both thankful for the many hours of fun and encouraging conversations we were a part of.  looking forward to the next one.  

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Joy Phillips said...

Oh my goodness! These are priceless. Love them! And your sweet kids. And the budding romance! :) I need to get those cute! We miss the Pierces. We were getting used to everyday life with you...