Friday, August 31, 2012

next up... florida!

here's the gang, sans luke.  

i got the boys these pop guns from indonesia... they were really cool and i'm sure they are already broken by now because they weren't the highest quality thing i've ever seen, but it's the thought that counts.  :)  and, mary got to learn things like, "i'm the bad guy!" while showing me the meanest face she can muster up.  she didn't know what bad guys were until that week (i know, we're sheltered here)... but i'm sure luke would have taught her soon enough.  

one thing is for sure, will and hudson are not camera shy... i love it!  one day, these are the pictures that will be shown at their graduation and everyone will laugh.  :)  oh and i have more that will be shown soon enough... they love to model.  

mary and isaiah had a good ole time in the red mercedes.  isaiah taught mary how to drive and then they worked out taking turns... i think.  usually kate or will were in charge outside.  it was too hot for us adults.  :)  mary had so much fun with her cousins!  kate was such a sweet big helper and the boys showed her some fun outside.  it was great!  

one night we went to the beach.  in general, i don't love the beach... i mean, i feel kind of like this about it... 

it's too hot, the sand is everywhere and i want to be clean.  that's what i think.  but, this night was AWESOME.  maybe my favorite thing we did in sarasota and somehow we didn't make it there twice. my camera died not long into our time there but this is the first half of our fun there.  

we had a picnic dinner and then headed down to the water to play.  michael and kathryn getting some cuddle time with luke... kind of. 

luke started off a little rough... really rough.  he wiped his eyes with those sandy hands and cried and cried!  but, we rinsed his eyes and after danny held him for an hour he was ready to go again.  

i thought mary was going to do this the whole time... maybe put her hands and feet in but that is about all.  she isn't the bravest kid in the world so i didn't even bring our swimsuits.  

isaiah enjoyed the sand too

but the big kids were having a blast in the water so my kids wanted to join them...   

so papa was the good grandpa that he is and took them all in except luke.  then luke wanted to go in and i didn't want papa to have three kids that couldn't handle the waves by themselves so i took the plunge in my clothes (and thankfully there are no pictures to show because my battery died).  it actually ended up being so fun!  the water was amazing and the kids loved it!  

lastly, here are my two cool brothers hanging out... dressed the same.  cuties.  ;)

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Sarah said...

looks like fun! mary's face in the first pic is extra funny.