Wednesday, August 15, 2012


though i have not updated about our time in america, i intend to talk about all of our stops around the country (which was a lot!) so the posts will eventually keep coming.  it's been a crazy time here.  wonderful but crazy busy!!!  

after the wedding we stayed at mike and beth's house in colorado springs until our conference the next week (which was also in colorado).  mike and beth are dear friends of ours and like family to my kids.  it was so fun to get so much time with them.  we are thankful we got to stay with them and thankful that they were so gracious to our crazy family for 10 days!   

luke doing what he does best... giving mike and beth high fives.  and a little love to beth at a neighborhood picnic with live music.

we did some playground playing... 

then we got to take a little tour of the air force academy (mike's alma mater) with our friend, dave, who is still working there.  this was the most odd moment.  it is a very rare occasion that luke asks to be picked up by someone other than immediate family.  we were walking along and he randomly went up to dave and reached up.  he's asian so maybe luke felt right at home in his arms.  ;)  it was cute none the less.  

mike holding both kids... he's a good guy!  mary loves mike... it took a few days to reconnect but after she did she was in love all over again.  she sat with mike, played with mike and talked his ear off all day long.  he's a great sport about it!  

beth worked really hard to make the connection with luke (he's a little harder to win over but got easier and easier as we were in america longer)... and she won!  giving luke cuddles and kisses.  thanks for loving him, bethy.  oh, and by the end of our time together he said her name... beff.

they also took us to the zoo and the kids loved it... especially getting to feed the giraffe.  after a few examples from mike mary was brave enough to do it herself.  i was so proud of her (she's not the bravest kid i've ever met).  personally, i didn't want to feed them either... their tongues are disgusting.  so, i was even more proud of her after i squirmed through my feeding attempt.  

beth was clearly confident feeding the giraffe also.  :) 

and here's a video of luke doing the "slow clap" with sandra.  someone we started slow clapping and chanting his name and he LOVED it.  if we were in a group of people and started it he wouldn't join in until everyone was clapping along.  he's just point to the person not participating, waiting for them to cheer for him.  :)  so funny.  

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Janelle said...

I love the video of little Luke! Hilarious! I can only imagine Sandra's face as she chanted.