Sunday, September 30, 2012


 happy 33rd birthday (15 days late) to my love.

our little family on danny's birthday.

our family doesn't have a great history of celebrating birthdays... i mean, we celebrate but it's usually very low key (which i like).  this year felt really busy around danny's birthday and i hadn't done much planning.  luckily my mom came to the rescue and made a wonderful meal and cake for us and some friends to celebrate danny.  that's good because this year may have been so "low key" that i may have stuck a candle in his rice that night at dinner and had the kids sing happy birthday.  :)  

mimi, eli, and mary ushering in the cake

 danny with his birthday gift from our leslie, ben and carolyn... BACON!!!  that's special in these parts of the world!  :)

and, my favorite picture of the night... 
i have no idea what luke is doing but i do love that stance!  and i love that leslie is in the bottom right falling over laughing at him.  he is just starting to really know he can be funny and make people laugh... and he likes it.  he's a goof. 

Saturday, September 29, 2012

smallest state

though we've been out of America for two months, i'm still catching up on what we did there.  there are two things that can be taken from this... we were really busy in america and did a LOT of stuff (true) or i'm really busy here and haven't had time to do much (also kind of true).  i do intend to get back to frequent blogging.  as i've said many times, this is the sole memory keeper for our family.  i do not want to depend of my terrible memory to remember my kids childhood or tell them about it.

SO, on to rhode island.  our family got to spend the night at danny's older brother's house and the next day we had a family get together.  they have two boys almost the same ages as our kids, so it was good times... and crazy.  we let mary stay up with ryan (who is a night owl) and we finally made mary go to sleep around midnight, though i'm pretty sure she could have happily talked our ears off for another few hours.  it was a fun night with our families though.  the next day, all of the pierce clan made their way to rhode island.  

ryan and dylan have a lot of the fun, big toys that we just can't get here (or bring here) so my kids were happy and entertained!  and they have an amazingly fun backyard with a swimming pool.  it's a kid heaven.  it was awesome!  

auntie kim looking very cute and serious with luke, who loved the basketball hoop!

and uncle tim helping luke with the hoop

and on to soccer... in case it's never been clear, luke loves all things involving a ball!  and tim was such a great sport about it!  in fact, yesterday luke picked up his bat and baseball and started saying "tim, tim?" wanting tim to play with him.  thanks for taking all of those balls to the face, tim!  :)

and mowing the lawn... 

not sure why luke was on the big one and mary chose the toy for 9 month olds.  i think she looks so funny on that little thing!  but she liked it... she's more timid so less power was a good thing to her.

i'm sure mary was communicating something very important and serious to teddy, by the look on mary's face... and i'm pretty sure teddy was just being a good sport and listening to mary's 12 minute explanations of nothing.  the girl loves to talk.

mary and ryan cooking together.  and mary letting me know that my coffee was ready.  oh, the day that she actually can make my cup of coffee (and bring it to me in bed).  i mean, i can dream, right?!? 

mary and ryan tickling.  cuties. 

and dylan being cute with his dad, kevin.  unfortunately we didn't get any pictures of all the kids together (which is not too easy) or of dylan and luke playing together.  they aren't really at the age of playing together yet... they more just want each others' toys.  maybe next time. 

thanks so much, kevin and leanne, for having us at your house.  it was so fun for us and the kids!  until the next pierce reunion... 

Friday, September 21, 2012

baby luke, the dribbler.

my boy loves to dribble, and is pretty good at it, if i do say so myself.  when we left america about a month ago he could dribble a few times in a row.  now, he is over 30 times easy.  and he's trying fancy moves.  you will see at the end of the video he is attempting to go behind his back (which he can not do... yet).  last week he started a new move which we have yet to catch on video.  he dribble, dribbles and then does a 360 turn and keeps his dribble up.  don't know where he got it but it was hilarious the first time he pulled it out!  and he was proud.  

we're hoping that this passion turns into something amazing... like something that means he can actually go to college without 60k of debt.  

Sunday, September 16, 2012

frog pond fun.

on to New England.... 

we stayed with our wonderful friends, the carders.  meg and i lived together when we were both engaged, got married within months of each other and now have two kids a few months apart.  i love being with their family.  it's so natural and comfortable to me and to my family.  we went there and it was like we didn't miss a beat.  lily was up on my lap snuggling within hours (lily is a snuggler and i love it.  she will always have a special place in my heart).  

auntie kim (and teddy, danny's other sister) also were in boston.  kim asked if we wanted to go down town and do the frog pond with the kids.  i LOVE downtown boston and i knew the kids would love the adventure.  so, we went for it.

bubs was a little windblown in this picture... i think he liked it.  :)

i'm certain that he liked the water.  i just couldn't choose one of him in the water... so here come a few of him.  he was SO excited!  he loved that he could walk freely (it was up to his waste at most) and splash and lay.  it was so fun.  

my cabbage patch kid, i mean little boy, just floating. 

and look at all that love.  :)  it's going to be a sad day when he's a skinny little boy.  

somehow this is the only picture i got of all the kids.  they're kind of active and all over the place!  do you notice a different between my kids and meg's kids?  meg's kids are in bathing suits (with sunscreen) and had dry towels to use when they got out.  mine?  well, luckily meghan had an extra swim diaper for luke and mary just went in her clothes.  meghan also left her towels for us after her kids got out so my kids didn't have to air dry.  meg= always prepared, mom of the year (and friend of the year).  me= wing it.  it just always makes us laugh... meghan and i could not be more different in many ways!  and for some reason, our friendships and our families work together.  we are so thankful for them graciously letting us stay at their house for days and disturbing the perfect order that it is.  i loved living daily life with meghan and her kids and miss them!!!

auntie kim in the water with the kids.  she was actually in the water about the whole time with them... that what good aunts do.  she's a good one.  :)  we are also so thankful for the time that we got with kim and karen.  this was such a perfect time for my kids to go back to america.  they really connected with their family and friends.  now the pictures i show them and conversations we have about the special people in america aren't just names.  even luke remembers them all.  it's really sweet.  thanks for taking some much time with us, kim and 'teddy'.  explanation for those who don't know, 'teddy' is karen, danny's younger sister.  mary started calling her teddy when she first started talking and we all kind of loved the name and it has stuck... and now meghan's kids call her teddy too.  i'm not sure how mary got 'teddy' from karen... but, you know, she says a lot of weird things.  :)  photos with teddy to come.

ps.  have i mentioned how obsessed with the city of boston i am?  maybe it was because we were there in the summer and it is all bliss when we haven't been snowed in for months, but the life and activities and scenery and ... oh, i just love the city.  i love this last picture because of the skyline.  so fun!  

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

the posers.

while in FL i took a few photos of the kids while they were playing outside one day.  these kids crack me up!  we'll start with will and hudson.  the two who obviously love to pose for the camera.  their poses are cheesy and not my style of photography, but how could you not love these poses?!?  :)  

you're a handsome one.  

and, the close up  

you're handsome too... and your own bird.  

a beautiful little girl... and she's showing some love to my asia connection by giving the peace sign... we all do it here in asia.  :)  

my favorite to photograph (because he's too young to know about cheesy poses for the camera).  and, look at that joy.  

hiding from the camera between his daddy's legs 

and the mother of these beauties... 
KELLEY: my fun sister-in-law with an unbelievably contagious laugh.  oh, the memories.  

and LUKE, my older brother... making fun of his wife's pose for the camera.  :)  he's usually a little more handsome than this but i couldn't help but show this one.  please forgive me, luke. 

and, i couldn't complete the post without featuring my other brother and sister-in-law, 
clearly, kathryn is hilarious also.  one of my favorite things about michael and kathryn is the way that michael genuinely thinks his wife is funny... and rightly so.  again, please forgive me for the photo, kathryn.  :)

Sunday, September 9, 2012

bubbles and baking

one night we went out to eat and then to a park at marina jack for the sunset and cookies made my mary and mimi.  the kids like being outside and we adults like it too because they can run like crazies and no one cares.  win, win.  mary and luke love being with their big cousins.  it was so fun to have so much time with them!

then will picked isaiah up and it was so cute.  but, mary wanted in on the action and that was less cute.  

everything about this looks awkward and i think it's awesome.  

and the awkwardness continues with mary's overly excited face about being picked up by will... and her poor white, chubby thighs showing.  i love chubby kid legs!  thanks for being a fun and sweet big cousin, will!

and earlier that day, mary and mimi were busy in the kitchen baking the cookies.  

mary loves to bake and cook and help with me anything in the kitchen really.  sometimes i like to think that it's because she sees me so often in the kitchen (but that is not entirely true since living in indonesia) and sometimes i hope that she will follow the line of amazing cooks in my family, like my mom and aunt debbie.  but, i think the truth is she knows that she can get away with eating a lot of what she is cooking, or cooking with.  like spoonfuls of straight sugar, or enough cookie dough to equal 4 baked cookies, which she would never be allowed to eat.  here is some evidence.  i wasn't even trying to capture her eating... but when she does it every 48 seconds i get a lot of footage.  :)  

and after all of the baking mimi gave mary a bath in the kitchen sink.  mimi is a good one... for letting mary "help" her with everything and also for letting me put these bathing suit pictures up.  ;)  mimi is also the master at blowing bubbles with her hands.  since she has been in indonesia this week, i'm pretty sure i haven't bathed mary once.  mimi doesn't get soap in mary's eyes (she's magical, i tell you) and she can blow bubbles in her hand.  i hope to be a mimi like you one day, mom.  :)