Sunday, September 9, 2012

bubbles and baking

one night we went out to eat and then to a park at marina jack for the sunset and cookies made my mary and mimi.  the kids like being outside and we adults like it too because they can run like crazies and no one cares.  win, win.  mary and luke love being with their big cousins.  it was so fun to have so much time with them!

then will picked isaiah up and it was so cute.  but, mary wanted in on the action and that was less cute.  

everything about this looks awkward and i think it's awesome.  

and the awkwardness continues with mary's overly excited face about being picked up by will... and her poor white, chubby thighs showing.  i love chubby kid legs!  thanks for being a fun and sweet big cousin, will!

and earlier that day, mary and mimi were busy in the kitchen baking the cookies.  

mary loves to bake and cook and help with me anything in the kitchen really.  sometimes i like to think that it's because she sees me so often in the kitchen (but that is not entirely true since living in indonesia) and sometimes i hope that she will follow the line of amazing cooks in my family, like my mom and aunt debbie.  but, i think the truth is she knows that she can get away with eating a lot of what she is cooking, or cooking with.  like spoonfuls of straight sugar, or enough cookie dough to equal 4 baked cookies, which she would never be allowed to eat.  here is some evidence.  i wasn't even trying to capture her eating... but when she does it every 48 seconds i get a lot of footage.  :)  

and after all of the baking mimi gave mary a bath in the kitchen sink.  mimi is a good one... for letting mary "help" her with everything and also for letting me put these bathing suit pictures up.  ;)  mimi is also the master at blowing bubbles with her hands.  since she has been in indonesia this week, i'm pretty sure i haven't bathed mary once.  mimi doesn't get soap in mary's eyes (she's magical, i tell you) and she can blow bubbles in her hand.  i hope to be a mimi like you one day, mom.  :)

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