Sunday, September 16, 2012

frog pond fun.

on to New England.... 

we stayed with our wonderful friends, the carders.  meg and i lived together when we were both engaged, got married within months of each other and now have two kids a few months apart.  i love being with their family.  it's so natural and comfortable to me and to my family.  we went there and it was like we didn't miss a beat.  lily was up on my lap snuggling within hours (lily is a snuggler and i love it.  she will always have a special place in my heart).  

auntie kim (and teddy, danny's other sister) also were in boston.  kim asked if we wanted to go down town and do the frog pond with the kids.  i LOVE downtown boston and i knew the kids would love the adventure.  so, we went for it.

bubs was a little windblown in this picture... i think he liked it.  :)

i'm certain that he liked the water.  i just couldn't choose one of him in the water... so here come a few of him.  he was SO excited!  he loved that he could walk freely (it was up to his waste at most) and splash and lay.  it was so fun.  

my cabbage patch kid, i mean little boy, just floating. 

and look at all that love.  :)  it's going to be a sad day when he's a skinny little boy.  

somehow this is the only picture i got of all the kids.  they're kind of active and all over the place!  do you notice a different between my kids and meg's kids?  meg's kids are in bathing suits (with sunscreen) and had dry towels to use when they got out.  mine?  well, luckily meghan had an extra swim diaper for luke and mary just went in her clothes.  meghan also left her towels for us after her kids got out so my kids didn't have to air dry.  meg= always prepared, mom of the year (and friend of the year).  me= wing it.  it just always makes us laugh... meghan and i could not be more different in many ways!  and for some reason, our friendships and our families work together.  we are so thankful for them graciously letting us stay at their house for days and disturbing the perfect order that it is.  i loved living daily life with meghan and her kids and miss them!!!

auntie kim in the water with the kids.  she was actually in the water about the whole time with them... that what good aunts do.  she's a good one.  :)  we are also so thankful for the time that we got with kim and karen.  this was such a perfect time for my kids to go back to america.  they really connected with their family and friends.  now the pictures i show them and conversations we have about the special people in america aren't just names.  even luke remembers them all.  it's really sweet.  thanks for taking some much time with us, kim and 'teddy'.  explanation for those who don't know, 'teddy' is karen, danny's younger sister.  mary started calling her teddy when she first started talking and we all kind of loved the name and it has stuck... and now meghan's kids call her teddy too.  i'm not sure how mary got 'teddy' from karen... but, you know, she says a lot of weird things.  :)  photos with teddy to come.

ps.  have i mentioned how obsessed with the city of boston i am?  maybe it was because we were there in the summer and it is all bliss when we haven't been snowed in for months, but the life and activities and scenery and ... oh, i just love the city.  i love this last picture because of the skyline.  so fun!  

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Emily L said...

"and look at all that love. :) it's going to be a sad day when he's a skinny little boy."
Truer words have never been spoken.

Much Love!