Monday, October 29, 2012

back to america... tear...

mimi and papa headed back to america a few days ago.  we miss them so much around here!  here are a few pictures (most from my phone) that i got of them living daily life with us here.  

so cool and tough, that mimi and mary
mary playing one of her favorite games, leading us in singing (or worship as she says) and reading time
taking a rest at the flower market 

luke, my funny boy, with papa on madura 

papa and mary excited about the dolphins  :)
mary, i love love love this face. 
though it is clear that luke has a special love for papa, her really warmed up to mimi by the end (as long as papa wasn't around)  :)  sorry, mom... we're working on it.  

there they are on their last night, on the motorcycle with leslie

it was so wonderful to have my parents here in indonesia for so long!  they were here for 2 months and just jumped right into life and culture here.  they took language classes every day to get the basics of the language, rented a house and a motorcycle and fit right in.  we had dinner most evenings together and i must confess, my kids were bathed by me about 4 times in those two months.  they always wanted mimi and papa to bath them and i'm such a sweet mom that i didn't reject their requests.  :)  thanks, mimi and papa!  
danny and i really enjoyed having family here.  we are beyond blessed to have family that is able and willing to travel and really be a part of our lives.  they know what i mean when i talk about something in our city, or one of our friends or mary's school or the culture/religion here.  it's nice.  and i love that my kids have memories with them.  luke is talking about mimi and papa all of the time!  something random pops into his head and he strings a few words together to remind me of something that happened with them in the last few months.  it is so fun to see him remember things and try to retell the stories.  
so, thank you so much for coming, mom and dad!  thank you for everything that you did while you were here to serve us, our family, our friends and the people around us.  

Thursday, October 25, 2012

embrace the camera

a thing from a friend's blog encouraging parents to get in more pictures WITH their kids... and here i am embracing the camera with my mary.

one afternoon my parents, the kids and i (danny was at a meeting)  drove up to through some villages and farming land up to the mountains.  we parked when the road got too small for the car and just kept on walking.  it was really cool... except for the fact that we weren't planning on doing a small mountain hike so none of us had appropriate footwear (especially mary in her wooden, too big flip flops).  so, we ended up carrying the kids up the hills.  it was worth it.  absolutely beautiful!  

Monday, October 22, 2012

instagram upload

for those family members and friends who don't have instagram and miss the day to day moments of our kids... here are some photos from the last few weeks.  

luke not too happy about the happy birthday daddy hat

mary checking luke's teeth (after watching papa)

papa and his helpers, all with matching gloves.  leslie, the willing victim.  :)
luke sporting the shades

luke taking a rest on his big sister
daddy taking a rest on his little boy

mary running laps at the basketball court

mary doing her 'studying' like mommy

horse races with mimi and papa

happy 5 years of blissful marriage to us!

random, free henna from the market... i'm always to nice to refuse.

mary playing school with the plumber... i mean, luke.  :)

the scorpion i found on the shower curtain when luke was in the bath... scary!
lovingly playing in the pool... 

laughing with bubba

mary 'feeding' her baby in the car

my dad, mom and me all on a motorcycle together... i took the pic while riding. 

mimi and the kids playing "ring around the rosie, pocket by a crazy"  as mary says  :)

Friday, October 19, 2012

taman safari

earlier this week, we went to taman safari.  we had such a great time.  our kids are at the perfect age to really enjoy seeing the animals!  the first section we took our car through the safari.  they had parts where you couldn't roll your windows down (like with the lions) and then sections where you could feed the animals from your window.  luke LOVED feeding the animals.  those animals had no fear... i mean, they would have stuff their whole heads in our windows if we could have left them.  unfortunately the motors to roll up our windows are a little worn down... we had a few close calls trying to pry them up before an animal entered!  

luke sat in the front seat with papa most of the time (partly because papa was the only one who wasn't driving the car who was brave enough to try to feed the animals).  :)  luke was really brave!  

i tried to feed them a carrot once but after i saw these teeth i freaked out and threw it out the window so the zebra would go away.  i mean, those things are sick.  

but i will say, i think if i were ever called by God to be an animal photographer (which i am praying against!) i'd like to photograph zebras.  they are really cool looking!  

luke feeding the deer.  that is a carrot in his mouth, not an orange tongue.  

luke checking out the hippos.  they were cool and just chillin.

next was the dolphin show.  mary LOVED the dolphin show.  she was far away enough that she needn't be afraid.  she cheered and gasped every time they did something cool.  dolphins are amazing animals.  so precise in all they did.

there was also a few animals that we could get our picture taken with.  the baby lion was resting when we passed him but we were happy to be with the more safe orangutan (which is actually from the indonesian word meaning 'jungle man').  mary didn't want to have him on her lap but she was happy to be near him.  luke was pretty interested too.  

i think the baby orangutan had a special affection for luke.  i mean, look at that gaze.  :)

i tried for a few HOURS to get my mom to hold the orangutan.  i just thought it would be so funny.  i kept telling her her friends would think it's so cool and funny (as if she's 14 years old and easily influenced by peer pressure).  she never caved.  she got close though.  i think the orangutan knew mimi wasn't too interested in him.  look at his face/ stance!  hilarious.  and yes, he is wearing a diaper.

he was a rockstar and he knew it.  I mean, look at that pose!  

then we saw his parents.  they were clearly still in love.  i mean, look at them holding hands.  it was so cute.  the dad waited for the mom and then helped her down the hill.  they came right over to the wall and just stared up at us.  

all in all, i will say, we loved taman safari.  honestly, i'm no animal lover but it was really fun for the kids and they had a great time!  

Monday, October 15, 2012

she loves him, really.

my parents are still here and they often comment about mary and luke's relationship reminds them a lot of my relationship with my younger brother when we were young.  i was bossy and talkative and michael basically went with what i said... which is exactly how luke is with mary.  today he came running to me crying because she was trying to make him go to sleep on a blanket outside.  she came running in after him and said, "well, bubbies do you want to play a different game?  come with me."  he went straight from sobbing and mad at her to "otay" and smiling as he ran off with her.  i have faint memories of being like that with michael.  he was as tough as they come, but i got him to wear dresses and makeup when i wanted to.  hopefully, mary will grow in humility as her "leadership" ability grows...  we'll call it "leadership" in hopes that it turns into something holy and used by God.  :)  they really do love each other and are playing more and more together... like in the picture below...

mary is kind of strangling luke a bit.  i think she is trying to pretend to be sweet while also wanting to show that she is bigger and more powerful than him.  obviously, he's really bothered by it.  :)  

but mary has proven to be a bad example for him... as shown in the pictures below.  i'm not sure where they get that from (papa)!  :)

these pictures are all from our time on Madura.  we went to a beach and after swimming in his diaper (because again, i was prepared mom of the year) we let luke go nakey.  i'll just say it.  i love his bum.  so stinking cute.  

luke trying on his new traditional madurese hat in a fabric store, and by store i mean small shack on the side of the road.  their fabrics were awesome!  

and probably my favorite picture of all... luke and my dad laughing together with our teacher and his daughter in the background.  so sweet.