Monday, October 29, 2012

back to america... tear...

mimi and papa headed back to america a few days ago.  we miss them so much around here!  here are a few pictures (most from my phone) that i got of them living daily life with us here.  

so cool and tough, that mimi and mary
mary playing one of her favorite games, leading us in singing (or worship as she says) and reading time
taking a rest at the flower market 

luke, my funny boy, with papa on madura 

papa and mary excited about the dolphins  :)
mary, i love love love this face. 
though it is clear that luke has a special love for papa, her really warmed up to mimi by the end (as long as papa wasn't around)  :)  sorry, mom... we're working on it.  

there they are on their last night, on the motorcycle with leslie

it was so wonderful to have my parents here in indonesia for so long!  they were here for 2 months and just jumped right into life and culture here.  they took language classes every day to get the basics of the language, rented a house and a motorcycle and fit right in.  we had dinner most evenings together and i must confess, my kids were bathed by me about 4 times in those two months.  they always wanted mimi and papa to bath them and i'm such a sweet mom that i didn't reject their requests.  :)  thanks, mimi and papa!  
danny and i really enjoyed having family here.  we are beyond blessed to have family that is able and willing to travel and really be a part of our lives.  they know what i mean when i talk about something in our city, or one of our friends or mary's school or the culture/religion here.  it's nice.  and i love that my kids have memories with them.  luke is talking about mimi and papa all of the time!  something random pops into his head and he strings a few words together to remind me of something that happened with them in the last few months.  it is so fun to see him remember things and try to retell the stories.  
so, thank you so much for coming, mom and dad!  thank you for everything that you did while you were here to serve us, our family, our friends and the people around us.  


Emily said...

Your parents are amazing! I can't believe they rented a house, got a motorcycle, AND took language classes! So so fun to have them there that long... I can't imagine saying bye! You guys are heaping up rewards. Love you.

Sarah said...

all the pics are extra cute as always but the one w/ the orangutan is extra adorable!