Thursday, October 11, 2012

big boned

the amazing facial expressions of luke...

 also notable are his full cheeks, farmers tan and "big boned-ness", the polite way of saying he's a chunk. 

this is not the best photograph but it is my favorite view of luke.  is it weird that i have a favorite view of my kid?  maybe.  i just love his long, dark eye lashes and when his little mouth is open just enough to see his chiclet like teeth.  here he is in a little boy zone here... he often stops playing outside and will watch the wind move the trees.  i don't remember mary doing that.  he stops to notice little things.  it's sweet and a little unlike his normal, busy self.  :)

father and son.  

then i took a few photos of lily and sam.  

my two favorites of lily because it is just so her.  she has such a spunky and loving personality... these are her very typical faces.  i love her.  

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