Wednesday, October 10, 2012

boston beauty

i'm almost done with photos from america... promise.  this was possibly my favorite evening in boston.  i LOVE boston.  have i said that before?  :)  i love the city and this is one of her gems.  it's a little patch of grass, hedged in by bushes with water fountains in the middle of the crazy, busy city.  and, it's across the street from the north end.  my favorite restaurant isn't too kid friendly, so the dads went and ordered take out and we ate it on the grass while the kids ran wild.  it was perfect.  

two peas in a pod... 
in their batik dresses from indonesia.   

i love these two girls.  they have been friends since before birth (i mean, us parents were in each other's weddings... that counts, right?).  at the beginning of their friendship they would have to be separated after a few hours, now i think it's a few days.  right, meghan?  :)  they could not be more different in personality but i love them together and they love being together.  this time was really fun because they actually played together.  they loved making one another laugh and it's entertaining watching 3 year olds do that.  

"ring around the rosie, pocket by a crazy".  oh, those aren't the words?!?  mary thinks so.  she sings it out loud and proud, i laugh every time without correcting her.  pocket by a crazy, really mary?!?

then we moved onto the fountains at the park.  it was so fun for the kids!  luke loved being in the water and was pretty brave, considering he's never seen anything like this before.  

mary stuck with teddy for a lot of the fountain time... she would venture in, but not too close to the water and not too far from teddy.  she doesn't like getting her face wet...

and here is lily playing in the water... yeah, our girls are a little different.  :)  lily has been the 'brave, push the edge and have fun doing it' one since she came out of the womb.  i love that about her!  if you can't see what she's doing, she's standing over the fountain and it's blasting her bum.  

tickling mary... i love my girl. 

luke and sam bonding over boy stuff... like walking on dangerous ledges and looking for animals in the bushes.  i mean, i love those bellies and sweet faces.  

and poor teddy, putting up with mary's "love"... i'm pretty sure teddy didn't know mary was going to stick that tongue out.  sorry, teddy.

we are so blessed to have teddy in our lives.  mary and teddy have a sweet little bond... teddy (who was named by mary, it was her 1 year old version of karen) was around a lot and was constantly helping out with mary when we lived in boston.  mary loves teddy and i'm thankful for that time in boston with her to establish their relationship.  it's sweet.  

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