Monday, October 22, 2012

instagram upload

for those family members and friends who don't have instagram and miss the day to day moments of our kids... here are some photos from the last few weeks.  

luke not too happy about the happy birthday daddy hat

mary checking luke's teeth (after watching papa)

papa and his helpers, all with matching gloves.  leslie, the willing victim.  :)
luke sporting the shades

luke taking a rest on his big sister
daddy taking a rest on his little boy

mary running laps at the basketball court

mary doing her 'studying' like mommy

horse races with mimi and papa

happy 5 years of blissful marriage to us!

random, free henna from the market... i'm always to nice to refuse.

mary playing school with the plumber... i mean, luke.  :)

the scorpion i found on the shower curtain when luke was in the bath... scary!
lovingly playing in the pool... 

laughing with bubba

mary 'feeding' her baby in the car

my dad, mom and me all on a motorcycle together... i took the pic while riding. 

mimi and the kids playing "ring around the rosie, pocket by a crazy"  as mary says  :)

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