Sunday, October 14, 2012

MADURA, the people.

last weekend we had the opportunity to go on a trip with our language school to Madura, an island just north of Java (the island we live on).  Madura is very different than Java (especially our city on Java).  it's much more old school, many farmers and fishermen.  it was a great trip and we got to see a lot of cool things... including the annual cow races that the island is known for.  i loved seeing it.  not so much the cows racing, but the culture behind it.  it was really interesting to me... and i took a lot of photos of it.  :)

the families that own the cows are the group of people walking behind the cow (to the starting line).  usually a young boy from their family rides the cow and they start practicing as early as 5 years old!  which is crazy when you see how fast these some of the big cows ran.  there is the little rider below among his older male relatives.

this is a terrible photo, but i love the kid's face.  uhh, intense!

and here are a few of the spectators that i captured.  the kids were really sweet and told us a lot about the races. 

we also went to the beach and met these ladies selling some kind of fruit.  they were funny and pushy.  :)

one of our teacher's in-laws invited us to their village for lunch.  they did a big lunch welcoming us and then we tried to do a little coloring for the kids.  i think the kids were terrified of us, but they sure did like looking at us from a distance.  :)  here are two of the moms with their adorable little girls.  the people are so pretty.