Monday, October 15, 2012

she loves him, really.

my parents are still here and they often comment about mary and luke's relationship reminds them a lot of my relationship with my younger brother when we were young.  i was bossy and talkative and michael basically went with what i said... which is exactly how luke is with mary.  today he came running to me crying because she was trying to make him go to sleep on a blanket outside.  she came running in after him and said, "well, bubbies do you want to play a different game?  come with me."  he went straight from sobbing and mad at her to "otay" and smiling as he ran off with her.  i have faint memories of being like that with michael.  he was as tough as they come, but i got him to wear dresses and makeup when i wanted to.  hopefully, mary will grow in humility as her "leadership" ability grows...  we'll call it "leadership" in hopes that it turns into something holy and used by God.  :)  they really do love each other and are playing more and more together... like in the picture below...

mary is kind of strangling luke a bit.  i think she is trying to pretend to be sweet while also wanting to show that she is bigger and more powerful than him.  obviously, he's really bothered by it.  :)  

but mary has proven to be a bad example for him... as shown in the pictures below.  i'm not sure where they get that from (papa)!  :)

these pictures are all from our time on Madura.  we went to a beach and after swimming in his diaper (because again, i was prepared mom of the year) we let luke go nakey.  i'll just say it.  i love his bum.  so stinking cute.  

luke trying on his new traditional madurese hat in a fabric store, and by store i mean small shack on the side of the road.  their fabrics were awesome!  

and probably my favorite picture of all... luke and my dad laughing together with our teacher and his daughter in the background.  so sweet. 

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